It’s never too late to learn this important lesson.

From the vault, a reminder to myself that it’s way too easy to tune out other’s pain over a situation that it doesn’t personally affect you.

Blue Skies and Green Pastures

It’s never too late to learn this important lesson.

Okay, this is hard to admit,so I will go ahead and tell it to the whole wide world.  I’m not very empathetic. I’m very sympathetic. I’m a great listener and advice giver. But I don’t like to feel emotional pain so I shut it out and stick with mirroring and analyzing other people’s problems when they share with me. I honestly didn’t know or mean to do this. But something happened that made me very aware of another person’s pain.

What happened was I felt that same pain, a new pain I had not felt before. It was the pain of thinking I was about to lose something that was very important to me and yet a luxury item. Not a person, but a big part of my life. Running. I thought I would have to stop doing it regularly and…

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