Powerful Tears

Only so much we can take

Until the mind starts to break

Anxious thoughts and fears

Eventually must lead to tears

Bracing for the worst

Waiting for the burst

It’s how we survive

Tears keep us alive

Go ahead, let it out

Quietly or with a shout

Sob, wail and groan

You are not alone .

Then we can start winning

The dawn of a new beginning.

With tears come clear eyes

Now we can arise

Ready to fight this war

And see who the enemies are.

God is our strength and our shield

It’s only to Him that we must yield .


  1. Concise and well shared. Now I hope you will find a way to write a poem about how your perspective changed when you give thanks for this tragic situation. In all things give thanks, it’s profound how for me it has given me a better everything despite some dark paths.

    • Thanks. I will try to remember to do that. I’m amazed at how easy it is to forget that God is able to bring light out of darkness , and that He is still there in the darkness with me. I’ve had a rough past week or so. God is so faithful to forgive my doubts and weakness and carry me through it all.

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