Don’t judge the Hoarders

If you feel no need to buy extra groceries, be thankful. People who have experienced hunger, financial insecurity, terrible home lives, unemployment, homelessness, wars, and other situations that create fear of when they will have their next meal are more likely to panic when they hear the rumors and conspiracy theories and/or have an actual risk of losing their source of income with no support system. Many are losing their jobs and do not have credit or savings or family to help them . Yes, the few people that are trying to profit off the corona virus by buying and reselling popular items should be judged and they will be. But the lady in the store with extra food could also be purchasing for her family or neighbors or an organization. Don’t assume evil motives. It only makes you angry. Instead be thankful for what you have and don’t forget to share .



  1. I went shopping Saturday and they actually had milk and TP.
    It seemed that nothing was on sale. I guess nothing has to be. If it’s on the shelf it’s in the cart.
    But the stores are paying a lot of overtime to keep the shelves stocked and people working at check out.
    These people have families and working with the public all day puts all of them at risk.

  2. You are right about this PK, of not assuming that all hoarders have evil motives–thus be judged. When the Philippines had its first case sometime in late January, we started buying for food, medicines, toiletries, and other go-bag items good for a 3 weeks, knowing that this is just the start of something. We replenished it 2 weeks later, when the situation gets worse globally and locally; this time for a month of stock. And days before my country had a lockdown on March 15, 2020, we have replenished it for a month plus. This is to avoid going to the grocery/supermarket during the lockdown and a responsibility to avoid getting infected (i.e. stay at home). Currently in Metro Manila, 1) only one household representative is allowed to go outside the house, 2) it is not easy to go from one barangay/ward/county to another, let alone between cities, 3) no public transportation available, 4) curfews are carried out, and 5) stores have certain window time to follow. That is why, it is good to prepare for these kinds of situations ahead; and do what needs to be done.

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