Different Responses to the 2020 Pandemic: Which One are You?

  1. What Pandemic? This person doesn’t know what goes on outside his own little world and doesn’t care. Happily going about his business which includes working online. Used to buying everything from Amazon.
  2. Started wearing a mask when China’s outbreak first started. Works in a hospital and knows more than the public, but isn’t telling. Has a secret stash of N35 masks and plenty of booze.
  3. Reading every news article and watching all Live broadcasts. Wants to be fully informed quickly so they can survive if things get really crazy. Expects things to get crazy. Bought Easter candy, chips, and Coke Zero for the quarantine.
  4. Downloading latest game updates. Excited to not have to leave the house or go to school for the next few months. Making new friends in GTA5 and laughing at the pandemonium. Knows that mom will provide sustenance.
  5. Angry, anxious, critical. Thinks somehow the Republicans caused this.ย  Fears a Trump re-election more than the virus. Stocked up on hummus and IPAs.
  6. Going for a run. Dealing with this crisis the way they deal with all crises. Concernedย  and compassionate and ready to share their stash of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  7. Buying stock in toilet paper companies. Knows that all good crises will come to an end. Calculating and planning their retirement. Told housekeeper to stop at the liquor store for extra scotch.
  8. Working as usual. Not even hurricanes or pandemics stop them from going to their job. They are the ones we all count on to keep us alive. Surviving on Chick Fila and pizza that their employers provide.
  9. Reading a book. Doesn’t want to know. Leave them alone. Says they’re going to get some groceries later, maybe when they finish this chapter. Do we need toilet paper?
  10. Planning and implementing ways to help the local community. Organized a meal service for local school kids who depend on school breakfasts and lunches. Doesn’t need food or sleep.
boy using virtual reality goggles
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com



      • ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been bingeing on Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. But I’m done with the series. Might try reading some Jack Clancy books.

      • I haven’t read a good fiction book for a while. I’ll look up those authors. The most recent fiction novel I read was The Reader by Bernard Schlink.

      • I loved it. It was poignantly sad and I cried at the end. Schlink writes as a German attempting to come to terms with what happened during World War II. It’s in two parts. Part one is quite erotic, but not in a lewd way. A 15 year old boy has an affair with an older woman in her 30s. They lose touch when she disappears. Later, (in part two) as a law student, he gets to sit in on a case against some women who committed war crimes. The woman he had loved was one of them. I won’t say any more in case you decide to read it. Like I said, I cried. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. PK Adams — Your blog has been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. If you follow the link inside the parentheses (bit.ly/2vveiCI), it will take you to LoveAndGrace, where you will see the reference to your blog and a link to it. Congratulations! Ward

  2. I am not sure if totally fit any number. Maybe I am an 8? I was proceeding as normal with my school routine when I started reading the news articles about the coronavirus and what was happening in my state but nothing really felt out of the ordinary. My school at the time didn’t seem all that concerned either, except for general emails I was getting about washing my hands and covering my cough/sneeze.

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