My Favorite Kitchen Appliances for Healthy and Easy Living!

My sister has a knack for giving me Christmas gifts that I actually love and use for years. Many of them have been kitchen appliances that she has bought for herself and enjoyed so much that she wanted me to have one. Here are some of my favorites!

  1. Nutribullet Magic Bullet Blender.  This powerful little machine is great for making fruit smoothies. My favorite ingredients are frozen pineapple, frozen strawberries, coconut water and coconut milk, and sometimes a banana or other berries. Occasionally I will add baby spinach. This drink is very good for replacing electrolytes after a hot, sweaty run! You can also make chocolate milk shakes and other yummy concoctions. IMG_7327[1]

  2. Instapot Pressure Cooker. When she gave me this I was a little terrified of it. I discovered that I was not alone, and thanks to Youtube, I found plenty of helpful videos and learned it was not scary or hard to use at all ! Since we try avoid most grains and eat a lot of meat in my family, the Instapot has been super helpful at quickly cooking meat, boiled eggs, and stews. I love to cook a roast, frozen chicken breasts (30 minutes or less) , pork roast or stew meat with cut up meat and veggies ( about one hour) and it’s so fast , even with frozen meat! It’s truly a time saver. Boiled eggs only take 5 minutes and are so easy to peel! Today I made black eyed peas in the pot for the first time. So easy and delicious! One of my favorite features is that it will keep the food warm after cooking for hours. I actually gave away my crock pot because I have no use for it now. IMG_7328[1]

  3. Soda Stream. This was my gift for Christmas 2019 and it’s already been used many times. No more paying ridiculous prices for carbonated water! We love Topo Chico but it’s too expensive. With Soda Stream you can carbonate and flavor your own filtered water at home. I love it! The one she bought for me came with two bottles so the kids have one and I have one. IMG_7329[1]

  4. Lastly, and I think my mom actually bought this one for me, I love my KEURIG Coffee maker. My family does not drink a lot of coffee. Most of us will only drink one cup a day and not all at the same time. We are on different schedules ! I don’t like the high cost of the little K cups but I buy the cheapest ones I can, the store brand or whatever is on sale.  I know, I know, it’s not very eco-friendly, but we are pretty good about that in other ways. This is good for me because if I drink too much coffee I get panic attacks. It’s not the caffeine, I can handle large amounts of that. It’s something in the coffee itself. I actually went several years not drinking coffee at all, but then I learned I could tolerate a medium or light roast coffee in very small doses without issues. So the Keurig is great for that! IMG_7330[1]

How about you? What are your favorite kitchen appliances and why? Share in the comments!


  1. My wife loves her insta pot, and this year I got her a Kitchen Aid pizza slicer and a new pastry cutter, and she loves those. Coffee…glad you have something that works for you. I have a drip coffee maker and pretty much only buy dark roast and set the coffee maker to “strong.” The amount made depends on when I plan to run. This morning it was run first and then make coffee. Tomorrow I’ll work for a bit and then run, so I’ve got to keep the intake lower, less there is need for outflow while on my run:) And Pastor Brad don’t drink decaf…

  2. Hubby got us an insta pot about a month ago. My crockpot(at least 20 years old) was on its last leg. I haven’t used it for everything you have, yet. I have used the saute, and slow cook several times. It is wonderful. The pressure thing scares me too and was about to give it a try when we found out we were relocating for work. Now that we are almost settled in I plan on trying it. Even so, I still use it a couple times a week for meals, and you can throw frozen meats in with the slow cook too. My next favorite has to be the Kitchen aid mixer hubby got me last year. Sadly, I didn’t bring that with us because the apartment here is so small, there wouldn’t be any room to store it, and leaving it on the counter top like I have it at home is impossible lol. But it was dinner prep or baked goods, make a choice. Obviously dinner was more important. Plus I have a hand held mixer that I’ve had for decades. Thank goodness I didn’t give it away when we got the new mixer. LOL My other must have is my oxo veggie peeler. I use that thing for peeling veggies and fruits. It is wonderful 🙂

    • Let me know if you need help with the pressure cooker setting on the instapot, but don’t be scared. It works great. Sorry you had to leave the mixer. My mom loves hers. I never got one because of the counter space thing. The veggie peeler sounds wonderful. I need one! Hope you are enjoying our warmer weather in Texas!

      • Hahaha it hasn’t been that warm since we got here. Our home is on the coast of NC and my weather default is still set to it. It’s been warmer there(unusual) for this time of year. We’ve laughed how it’s been warmer back there than here BUT I know that will change 🙂 I never got one of the mixers because of the cost but I got one on a great sale it was almost 75% off and because they didn’t have the color I preferred the lady gave us more off. Then I agreed to let hubby get it for me 🙂 Those peelers are amazing. They have them at bed bath and beyond. I have had mine for over 20 years and it is still just as sharp, and looks brand new. I can highly recommend it 🙂

      • True, it has been kinda cold some days. Today is not very nice! Great deal on the mixer! I will definitely look for that peeler.

      • Yes, God blessed us with that because otherwise I’d still be using my dollar store(well currently I am) hand mixer.

        I use that peeler everyday. They have a couple different ones now. One looks like mine but has a serrated edges, and they have a couple other designs. I looked it up because I felt like I recommended something and wasn’t specific LOL The skuid # is 10162866 and it’s called OXO Good Grips® Swivel Peeler.

  3. I like the NutriBullet. I often use it to make protein smoothies with choc almond milk, protein powder, a banana, a few ice cubes, and maybe some spinach if I have some. I also make fruit smoothies with lots of antioxidants but I have not made any lately and need to get back to it. They are good for my autoimmune condition. We don’t have an Instant Pot but our kids do and like them. We get by with a crockpot. I also have a Cuisinart grill that is good for grilling meat and sandwiches when closed or making pancakes when open. I have a drip coffeemaker and need decaf and I’ve found dark roast decaf works out well. I have an iced tea maker that gets used a lot.

    • Sounds like you have figured out what works for you! I tend to use my Nutribullet more in the hot months. I asked my mom if she wanted an Instapot but she said she doesn’t think she cooks enough big meals anymore to use it.

  4. I have a Ninja Coffee maker (not sure of the actual name) that I LOVE. It has a metal filter and you can make single servings in 4 sizes depending on your mug, 1 half pot, or a full pot of coffee. It also brew strong coffee for making iced coffee. It has a snazzy frother, but I rarely bother with that.

    I also made the plunge into the instant pot world this summer and bought a Ninja Foodi. It has a pressure lid and an air fryer lid. I love both of those options and am slowly using it more and more.

  5. Oh man, I’m so jealous right now! You have literally everything I want, lol. I do have the Ninja blender though, the full size one and an awesome air fryer my boys got me for Christmas. I’ve made sweet potato fries every single freaking day since! lol

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