It’s race week!

Race week for me means several things . There’s a mix of relief and excitement,  rest and anxiety . I sleep more. (Slept til 7:45 today !) I run less, probably two one hour runs . I try to eat healthy, at least a few salads. Mentally I will obsess and worry and try to plan and hope I trained enough. I’ve been training hard for a couple of months for this race that is actually a training run, because my A race is next month. But I had to train specifically for this race because of the brutal format and conditions.

This weekend’s Habanero 100 50k starts at noon and consists of surviving 5 10k loops in a cattle/horse ranch on sandy single track with minimal shade in forecasted 98 degree weather. I’ve run here many times, in other races,  but for this hot race I’ve only run as a pacer , mostly during the night. This will be my first try at getting my own medal. I’m super excited to line up at the start line with many local friends who have been enduring heat training like myself, as well as people from other cities, states, and countries who want to see what this experience is all about. I’m always impressed by the ones who don’t live in Texas or the South who come here to suffer for fun! 



Habanero 100 is the name because a select few brave souls will attempt to run  100 miles of this insanity. So few have finished the 100 that they have earned the right to have their names on the race t-shirt. I think it’s fair to say that the name also indicates the likelihood of 100 degree temps during the race and the training for it. The race director, Robert Goyen, likes to provide difficult challenges for those who enjoy them, and this race attracts tough runners from all over the country, even some who have run the Badwater 135 race across Death Valley in even worse conditions. You can read more about the race here.



At my last race not only was I very under-trained, but I also was not prepared for the heat and forgot everything I know about hydration and fueling. But I am feeling relatively ready for this race, having been running in the heat now for a couple of months and practicing my hydration and different ways to cool down my body temperature. Saturday was my last real run before the race . I started running at the hottest part of the day, 3:00 PM, in 100 degrees, and I did not always hide in the shade like I prefer to do. For two hours I listened to podcasts while I ran and walked loops and drank and cooled myself down with a wet towel and ice, completing 8 miles, which I was happy with. If I can I can do anything close to that on race day, I’ll be thrilled.

But now I have other things I must do today and this week, so I better get busy! I may be tapering for a race, but I am just getting started with back to school routines. The kids started co-op Biology last week and soon we will back to a full school schedule and Bible Study class.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Have a great race Paula! I’m going to Custer, SD, where at noon Friday I’ll be attempting my first 100 miler at Lean Horse.

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