Happy Sun-day!

It’s a beautiful , hot day in southeast Texas! These photos are from my drive home from church . I’m so glad I went today. I missed last week , maybe two weeks, I can’t remember. May was such a jam-packed month ! I’m glad I went because 1) It was the first Sunday , so we celebrated the Lord’s Supper, 2) The band played and sang music that spoke to my current life journey. The songs were Your Grace is Enough, I Am Free, Amazing Love, Only Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Your Love is Deep. Lots of songs today! 3) I got to hear the 21 year old pastoral intern preach his first sermon , on Romans 6:15:23 ! , and he did great, and 4) we prayed over a high school graduate who’s about to head off to college and the big wide world full of temptation and lies. Today’s high school graduates and those from the last 5 or 10 years, need all the prayers to survive in this mixed up world.

This morning I slept in til 7:30 because I was tired from a long day yesterday. We moved my mom and sister and niece into a new house and then went to an outdoor ( hot) wedding in the evening. The wedding was fun and I’m super happy for our friends , but I’m never going to another outdoor Texas wedding in June. I just can’t take the heat. The band was great and there were fireworks so close I was afraid of the sparks! It was great to see some old friends in real life, instead of on Facebook. After sunset a little rain moved through and cooled things down a bit.


Have a blessed day because Jesus loves you and he died to pay for YOUR SINS! Trust him today!


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