What’s it like having six kids?It’s awesome!

We didn’t have them all at once. Life got busier and more fun and crazy with each one. The first one was a singleton for 4 years until his brother ruined his status as only child. After that they came every couple of years. Each one was wanted and prayed for.  I miss those days!

Up all night with a nursing, colicky or wide-awake baby, then getting up whenever the other children made enough noise to wake me. Diapers, Frosted Mini-wheats and milk, sitting on the couch watching the local news, then PBS, then game shows. TV on all day long. Chatting for hours on the phone with fellow stay home moms. Kids playing with Legos, cars, trains, trucks, jumping on the trampoline, riding toys, swing set, digging holes, kiddie pools, wrestling.


Trips to the park, McDonald’s playground, eating Happy Meals, visits to grandma’s house,getting piles of books from the library. Constant laundry and grocery shopping,  lived-in, messy house.  The exhaustion of dinner time, bath time, never-ending dishes. The joy of reading stories aloud for hours at bedtime,listening to stories on cassette tapes, lying down with them until they finally fell asleep. Teaching them to read and ride a bike. Going to church together. Watching them grow and learn and become their own person, each one different and special and beautiful.


A baby on one leg and toddler on the other, sitting in the recliner, those were the days!




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