Beware the Soy and Wheat in Hunt’s Meat Flavored Pasta Sauce !

I’m usually so good about reading labels and I’m glad I did read this but it was only after I put the sauce in with the meat. So ,no spaghetti for me! Yes the pasta is gluten free , but the sauce isn’t! There’s no good reason pasta sauce , i.e. spaghetti sauce, should contain soy and wheat. Something told me to read the label , but it was too late . Guess who’s having a salad ?


  1. Hi Paula, I noticed there is high fructose corn syrup n there as well.

    I usually steer clear of this . Would it be possible to get some input on this ingredient? You are so knowledgeable, I am interested in your information. Maybe I am not fully understanding the health aspect , I know you can help me!

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Bonnie, You are right that HFCS is not great, but it’s in so many condiments and sauces that it can be hard to avoid completely. I believe it’s the highly processed, extremely sweet tasting and craving-inducing corn syrup in the HFCS that is considered bad for you and some products simply substitute actual sugar. I do prefer real sugar if I have a choice. I have read that the body can’t tell the difference, but I think they brain may process them differently as far as how they cause rebound cravings. In general it’s just best to limit all types of sugars. I try to buy sugar free barbecue sauce when I can, but most ketchups have either sugar or HFCS. I think the key is not to eat too much of it. 🙂 And of course the worst offender is sodas when it comes to sugar and corn syrup! Hope this helps!

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