Should Drivers’ Licenses be required?

The DMV experience has long been considered to be somewhere between annoyingly inconvenient to inhumane . Long lines, irritable employees , complicated paperwork and inflexible rules cause a sense of impending doom when one must set aside a day for a visit to this government house of horrors .

Lost your license?! Got married?! Moved?! Teenage driver?! Nooooo!!!

Post your tragic situation on social media and you’ll get instant sympathetic comments and stories of waiting all day only to be informed that they did not have the correct proof of residency or their birth certificate was invalid!

Driver’s licenses are not very expensive. But wasting a day of your life driving to get one , sitting on a hard chair or more likely standing in a line , and missing work or other important business like staying home doing laundry can lead one to question the necessity of getting the little plastic card that so many bad drivers seem to forego.

What actual purpose do they serve? Well , hotels like to ask for them and you need them to buy alcohol if you look younger than 40 and to get into clubs and R-rated movies. And if you get pulled over for speeding the officer will want to verify that you are a legally authorized motorized vehicle law breaker. But couldn’t that all be done with a birth certificate or ID card ?

I submit that driver’s licenses are nothing more than tyranny . You own the vehicle and you pay for the insurance and pay the retail taxes and yearly taxes and inspection fees, you should be able to drive it. These laws don’t guarantee safe driving as we can see daily by the banged up cars and tow trucks we pass on city streets and raceways, I mean freeways.

Cops could still give tickets which are a powerful deterrent to bad driving. In Texas, and probably other states, without proof of citizenship and state residency you cannot even get a driver’s license so there are hundreds of thousands of people driving without them. So basically only law abiding citizens are punished with the complex renewal requirements and DMV torture.

It costs the state billions to manage this inefficient system, including the outdated websites that bounce you from one page to another only to lead to a hope-deflating dead end informing you that no appointments are available SUCKER!

The time has come to step back and ask if this is really how we want to live our lives. Like the millions wasted on standardized testing in public schools , somebody must be making money off this needlessly complicated process , but it’s not the government. This insanity is costing taxpayers. I predict that this unworkable relic of the early driving era will be eliminated within the next 20 years, God willing!

In what warped universe is it logical to need to watch a video to get IN LINE to renew your license?
Get in line , online! DMV nonsense video on Youtube.


    • In some cases, as long as there are no changes or who knows what the rules are! But my fourth child is ready to get his learners permit so , waaaaa! We have to go to the DMV. They shut down the two closest locations that I took my older three sons to, so that means we have to go to some kind of mega-center an hour away.

      • Pretty much the only time you need to go to dmv in nyc is when you’re getting your permit/new license or you screw up. Everything. Else is online

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