Too Spiritually-minded ?

You may have heard someone say something like “She’s so spiritually-minded that she’s no earthly good.”

I was pondering this saying after church today. I felt full of the Spirit and close to God after a wonderful week that ended with a wonderful time worshiping with fellow believers and singing praise to the same God that I had trusted all week . He was faithful throughout my journey to the mountains and another adventure I had Friday night , and is faithful always !

I feel so blessed to have faith because the Bible teaches that faith is a gift from God. It’s obvious that not everyone has faith . They live in fear of life and slavery to man and in dread of death and confusion about God. Jesus brings peace! No longer in fear of what man can do or fear of death. Death simply means being in our great God’s presence!

So when you have this peace and faith you may seem very “spiritual ” to other people. Non-believers don’t understand how anyone can have peace and joy in this world. It’s because we Christians are not of this world . Our spirits are reborn ! It’s truly supernatural. Only God can do it.

The Bible teaches us in numerous verses to keep our minds on God and spiritual things. Never once does he warn about being “too spiritually-minded”. That is a fear and criticism straight from the devil to trip up believers! We are told to pray without ceasing. We are told to meditate on scripture and learn God’s word and memorize it . We are told to sing and praise God.

So I think the statement should be switched around. “She’s so earthly minded that she’s no spiritually good “. Don’t be afraid to give your whole heart , soul, and mind to the God who created you. He is trustworthy and good! He is not like man. He loves you.


  1. You’re right, you can’t love God too much. I think the only way to interpret that saying as making any sense is if a person is so “heavenly-minded” (always in church, always talking about their faith but never actually putting it into practice), they don’t really help anyone get closer to God. Or as James would say, “Faith without works is dead.” But if you are truly in touch with the God that lives in and through you, He will be at work in your life, and it will come naturally.

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