Race Photos: Do I really look like that?


A friend tagged me in a  photo from my last race. I clicked on it and Woah! Who is that old woman ? It was me. Sigh. Have y’all noticed how some of the photo filters actually make you look worse than real life?! I don’t know which one this photographer used, but I noticed that everyone looked very haggard and wrinkly, even younger people I know that do not look as old as I do. But to be honest, my vision is pretty bad, so maybe they do look like that! I need glasses but I can’t afford them, so I get to see things the way I think they look. By the way, all of these photos are property of  www.trailracingovertexas.com. But they give them to us for free!

I love the photos, just not the filter.  As you can see in the photo below where I was running with my friend, you can even see the bulging veins in her legs. We had a great time talking for nearly three hours! I finally started getting tired and was talking less to keep up. She ended up winning first female in the 24 hour race with 102 miles.


That is my good friend Victor below and a hilarious photo! I’m so proud of him for winning the men’s 48 hour race with 148 miles. This race was really fun because so many of my friends were killing it! Also quite a few hit personal records in distance, mostly 100 miles , some 100k. It was awesome to watch them gut it out.

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The man on the left is the one I mentioned in my race report ,  who is 83 years old and came down from Chicago to race with his friend on the right. I am so glad I stopped to chat with him. He finished with 101 miles in 72 hours. His 2019 calendar is full of long distance races all over the country! God bless him.

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This is the last one I will post here, but there are so many good ones from that long weekend. This is me and the other Masters Female getting our awards. I had no idea when I wore those shorts that they looked so big on me! Oh well, lol! We were laughing about being old enough for this award and hugging each other from the joy of it all. I think we are both just thankful that we are able to run.





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