Exodus: People moving to states with lower taxes and cost of living

I live in the great state of Texas, the destination of millions of people leaving states where they can no longer afford the costs of housing, child care, property taxes, and doing business . According to this article, sixty-six people per day moved into San Antonio from July 2016 to July 2017.  And somewhere around 100-150 a day are moving into Austin according to this article. Other states with low taxes and housing costs and plentiful jobs are seeing the same influx.

People seeking Economic Freedom

I have nothing against people relocating, it’s the American way. I’m just wondering how long until my birthplace  is ruined by overcrowding or if those other state’s voters will wake up and make necessary changes to stop the bleeding. Social programs are not meant to be the foundation of a state’s economy. People need jobs. They need power over their own lives and finances. When too many people are dependent on the government for basic necessities, the foundation begins to crack. Signs of problems include long waiting lists for subsidized housing, schools without funding, poor road conditions, idle able-bodied men and teens, overcrowded free clinics and public hospitals, closed down stores and factories, and companies moving business to other states.

Houston traffic congestion bumper to bumper

In Texas we are straining under the burden of the constant influx of new residents. The city and highway traffic is bad and the schools are crowded. There is not enough low-cost housing available in many cities and middle class job availability is shrinking. I have been searching the job listings and I am shocked at how little some of the jobs pay that require a college degree, not enough to pay rent or live on.

I have sympathy for these people, but I also worry about my state. It’s time for Democrat leaders to stop the destruction of their own state’s economies.  Stop catering to the rich and making promises they can’t afford to the poor. Rebuild their manufacturing and industry and create a technology infrastructure. Attract businesses by making it profitable to do business in their state.

There’s another reason people are leaving states like California. The state government has decided that personal freedom is no longer guaranteed by the constitution in their state. Laws that restrict private health choices are enacted along with local laws that restrict property owners . Don’t like something? Make a law or ordinance banning it requiring it!

UPDATE: This popped up in my Facebook feed after I wrote this blog. https://fee.org/articles/new-census-data-show-americans-are-migrating-from-tax-punishing-states/



  1. Ill tell ya PK, Texas is the great state. I just don’t know for how much longer.

    My wife and I considered moving there upon retirement. But after looking at how much Texas has changed and how much more it will change. We decided against it.

    My heart goes out to the Texans. Unfortunately for them, like you said people are moving there from mainly democratic strongholds to escape their economic crippling situations.

    However, it seems they are too ready to ruin Texas as they have with California.

  2. So true! A lot of people here in Colorado have moved to Texas because it is ridiculously expensive to live here now. The dems took over Colorado and they are making it just like California with their high taxes and liberal socialist policies. Craziness.

      • Ha, yeah, that industry is booming. They call it the green rush. By the way, our new next door neighbors are from San Antonio. Real nice people. My sister and her husband just moved to Texas late last year. Her husband’s parents have lived there for years.

      • I love Colorado and Utah and would be glad to live in either place, but it’s nice to visit, too. Glad you got some nice neighbors!

  3. We have the same problem in Utah with mostly Californians coming in. What really gets me is that they move here and start voting to have the same ‘benefits’ in place here ….thus destroying this state as they did the last.

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