Perfect berries and Mountain views

Sometimes you just have to sit down in the middle of the trail and rest.

I want to share a life lesson or three I’ve learned recently from berry picking and hiking . I posted this first on Facebook so some of you have seen it. I got some nice comments so I decided to share it here as well.
When I pick dewberries I have to lean over in an uncomfortable position and I wear my reading glasses so I can be sure to pick good ones. I am also constantly listening and looking for snakes. This hyper-focus is necessary. When my hunching over gets too painful, I have to stand up and stretch and when I do I scan the berry patch with a broad view. I usually take a few steps to the right or left. When I do this I never fail to see berries that I missed when I was hyper-focused. Also when I’m picking , there are long , thorny vines mixed in with the berry vines. I have to carefully move them aside and when I do I find the biggest, perfect berries hiding under the thorny vines, usually a bunch of them.

Jackpot! Monster sized berries hiding just behind the thorns.

When we go hiking, I’ve noticed how things can be hidden from view, as well. When you are in a bunch of trees or in a valley or coming around a bend, you can’t see what is ahead until you take one more step and suddenly, there’s a beautiful view! Or you might think you are lost and start getting fearful and then one more step and there is the trail marker right where it should be! Or, more commonly, you might think you are almost at the top of the mountain, but you take one more step and discover that you have reached a flat spot but there is yet another hill ahead. This is a good time to stop for a break and enjoy the view.

I love this view! I was worth the climb.

What does this all mean? For me it means  1) your perspective can change your thoughts in an instant so keep your eyes open and search for truth behind the thorns and trees and 2) keep moving forward even though you are scared or tired because eventually you are going to get that perfect berry or that beautiful mountaintop view. 3)Take breaks to rest from time to time so that you will have the energy to carry on. Because, as the saying goes, Life is a journey , not a destination.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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