Not the Trip We had Planned

Yep that’s our van being loaded onto a wrecker. But all things considered, things could have gone even worse.

First, we could have broken down ON THE BRIDGE that you in the distance. I probably would have had a heart attack because I have bridge phobia. Second, the turnaround lane just up and to the right had been closed, but was reopened before the wrecker arrived, which saved us from having to go over the bridge in the wrecker. Third, the weather was nice while we were sitting on the causeway for over an hour. A large cloud was forming over the water when we left.

A cool tree outside our hotel where we parked the broken van.

The next thing that was good is that 1) we own a pickup truck, 2) our neighbor shares his car hauler trailer with us, and 3) our 19 year old son knows how to hook it up and drive it, which he did . He drove 200 miles from our house to Corpus and we put the van on the trailer. Then we all drove home Sunday. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to the beach.

So it wasn’t the anniversary weekend we expected, but it could have been worse. I’m just happy to be home safely. Here are some pictures of the Embassy Suites . I really like this hotel . It’s not new , and our room could’ve used new carpet and furniture, but I enjoyed the atrium and the free food. There were lots of families staying there and the service was great.

I almost forget the funny part. Remember I wrote that blog yesterday about Romans 8 and trusting God? 😂 As I was standing on the highway, I remembered it and I smiled because I knew that even though things were not going well at the moment, God was in control . At this point we aren’t sure what happened to the van. It started making bad noises and smells and then it died. We thought it was a serious motor issue, as in “time to get a new van”. But now it’s not making that noise so maybe my husband can fix it. 🙏



  1. you came to mind several times this past weekend…You’d made a comment to me when I asked if you had plans to celebrate your anniversary, and you said something about praying things didn’t get cancelled… Glad you got away and GLAD you didn’t get stuck on the bridge!!!!!

  2. It was a MEMORABLE anniversary for sure! I think that’s a cooler story than being at a 5 star restaurant sipping champagne. Your story involves GOD and all the blessings you noticed from the tale! Good job at seeing God Paula. And Happy Anniversary 😊

    P.S. We have a very old van and lots of God Stories involving her. Her name is Old Gal Van and I will be really really sad when she’s gone bc of our adventures with her and God. ❤

  3. Oh dear! Well, “all’s well that ends well, ” as the saying goes. Hoping the van is an easy fix! We once drove home with the backseat threatening to catch on fire, literally packing it with bags of ice so it wouldn’t smoke. Something had gone wrong with a heat shield and a muffler in an old station wagon. Glad you know how to smile, keep the faith, and trust in the Lord!

  4. This is the reason Anita and I always rent a car when traveling any distance out of town. If you shop around for good deals, and especially if you develop a relationship with a manager at one of the outlets, you can usually rent for less than the wear and tear of your own car. AND, most importantly, if you break down, hit a deer or get in any kind of difficulty, a simple phone call and you’re on the road again in a new car.
    Find a credit card that provides “primary” insurance for car rentals (yes, there are a couple out there) and any bad stuff doesn’t even show up on your insurance records.
    Glad you were all okay!!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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