Rainy Day Photos

It was raining when I woke up and didn’t stop until about 1:00 . I walked around the flooded yard and took a few photos. Update: it rained another 1.5 inches overnight.

My rain boots work great in the soggy yard.
Puddle on the front walk
Ellie got in my shot of some water plants growing in a low spot in the grass
This gauge has been emptied once already . I think we have received four inches this week.
Clouds moving out . Hills covered in flowers.
The trail has turned into a swamp/pond in this low area.
Water running down the trail. Ellie checking to see what I’m doing.


  1. We love reading your blog! Your unconventional perspective and real voice are game-changers in the world. Keep writing, because your thoughts matter. Thank you for being you!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

  2. Wow! I’m surprised you got all the rain and I just got the heatwave! Well, it’s not much of a “heatwave,” but it’s over 70 and not raining. Those are lovely pictures. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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