Mental Healthcare: The Case of John Fetterman

Should John Fetterman be back at work ? Should he have been elected? In the following video, he does not appear to be ‘recovered’ from his clinical depression.

And anyone who has suffered from actual depression, which is not the same as being upset, grieving, or feeling down over temporary circumstances, knows that his depression treatment will be ongoing and possibly last a lifetime. Supposedly he has struggled with depression all his life. I’m sure that his recent stroke did not help.

Even though he’s a progressive democrat, I feel a little sorry for him. Last May he nearly died from a blood clot induced stroke. In October of last year, prior to the election, a doctor declared him healthy enough to work. Yes, he was vaccinated.

Then he checked himself into a hospital in February of 2023 for depression. He’s obviously being pressured to hurry up and get back to work. I am afraid that this will be very detrimental to his mental health and his constituents deserve a fully-functioning representative.

This story bothers me. Not only because he may not really be okay, but because of the way they act like “He’s all better now!”. “See! Getting cured from depression is quick and easy!”

Do politicians not realize that there are thousands of people who need mental health care that can’t afford to take time off from work ? Or that tried to get help and couldn’t see a doctor without waiting for months? Or who are taking meds and are still not functioning well because they can’t get the therapy they need ? There is a serious mental health crisis in this country and the world.

Unfortunately, scientists still do not understand the causes of major depression or even why some drugs seem to help. Truly effective, long-lasting treatment for clinical depression is still not available. You know it’s bad when they are still using shock therapy and now psychedelic drugs as treatments. Maybe some day they will spend as much money on finding help for depression as they do for cancer.

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  1. Thank you for this post. My mother was diagnosed as manic depressive when I was a child. It’s now called bipolar. As she got older she was severely depressed and wouldn’t leave her home or take care of daily basics of life. I have other family members with severe depression too. It’s not something a three-month stay in a facility is going to cure. That’s not to say that someone with depression can’t serve office, or hold a job, but I think Fetterman is in a tough spot.

  2. I feel the same way about him. I pray for him and feel that he is being pressured by his party because he needs another vote. My hubby had a hemorrhagic stroke in December and is making good progress but no one has been pushing him to be in public and maintain a grueling schedule. I say leave him be to heal and get better!

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