Twenty Years of Raising Chickens: Video

My husband and I had fun making this video on a gray Saturday. The barn mess is a little embarrassing. I’m hoping to find time to clean and organize it this year. It gets very dusty . But the chickens seemed happy to be on camera. Hope you enjoy the video !


  1. You are so blessed to have that many broody hens! Counting those two on the nest, plus the mama hanging w/ the baby. Learned something new too…those paint trays are slick. Had a knowing smile when I saw pictures of your chicken tractor. I just sold one a couple of weeks ago, I built a few years ago, because I was tired of moving it. I had a tarp on the back 1/3 to give the girls shelter when it rained, but they were still getting soaked. from here on out, my egg layers will be living in the chicken house. Enjoyed the video. DM

    • Let’s hope they keep hatching ! The tractor was so awkward and hard to use after having had a regular coop. Today we got another 1.5 inches of rain so the poor chicken’s have a muddy yard.

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