God’s Great Reset

There are hundreds of modern day prophets on YouTube talking about the end times whose goal seems to be mostly about enriching themselves so I don’t normally watch these videos . But for some reason this one caught my attention and I watched it . It’s a short and , I think, helpful summary of how things are going to happen according to the Bible. I liked his last point about letting God do a personal great reset of our own hearts as we wait for Jesus to return.


  1. Great video Paula! I think you’ll also like A Lamb & Lion Ministries Bible Prophecy Conference “The Great Reset.” It is in DVD media and on YouTube. If you can’t find it, look up the speakers names Billy Crone (Economic reset,) Nathan Jones (Technology & Culture reset,) Brandon Holthaus (what is the Great Reset,) Don Perkins (government reset,) and Tim Moore (Christianity reset.) Enlightening. ❤

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