Global Economic Outlook Not Good : IMF

“And, even when growth is positive, it will feel like a recession because of shrinking real incomes and rising prices,” she said.”

As anyone in the lower income, non-investing, wage-slave bracket knows, the economy is on the decline due to inflation and wage stagnation.

Despite scattered rising wages, prices are going up much faster. Hang on to your savings, it’s going to be a tough recession.

The Babylon Bee gets it right.

Basic economics tells us that flooding the world economy with COVID bucks and locking down businesses for up to two years will hurt the economy. Add to that the trillions in Biden’s budget for his pet projects and you have an economy crash in the making .

We also have to blame Obama and Trump because this house of cards has taken years to build. Trump was doing good at first, but he went along with the COVID relief and the vaccine funding .

What’s the solution? Kick out the Democrats!


  1. Kick ’em all out and start from scratch with people like Rand Paul who believes we should follow the Constitution! 😁
    “Course, that’ll never happen. Most politicians, once elected spend most of their time, energy and money on getting reelected because lust for power is what attracted them to politics in the first place. I see it at every level, from HOAs to small town school boards to major city leaders to state government to federal . . . and now to international with the WEF.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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