Should You Buy It? Pioneer DMH-241EX Touchscreen Stereo Review

This is the first in a series of articles and videos I am going to write on various discounted products that I have purchased.

  1. Introduction
  2. Weblink app
  3. Hands-free calling
  4. Details
  5. Radio
  6. Price
  7. A few other options on Amazon
  8. Conclusion


I recently replaced the stereo in my 2005 Toyota Sienna van after the old one’s main control button suddenly stopped functioning. This is the one I bought after looking for a touchscreen double din model in my price range. I should have done more research, but I really didn’t know exactly what features to look for.

Now I know that I should have spent a little more for a more recent model because this one is only $200 for a reason. It is somewhat outdated and tricky to use with your phone, a basic feature that most of us expect in 2022.

You can connect your phone with Bluetooth and USB and via an app called WebLink . However, it’s not a user-friendly process.

Weblink is an app on your phone and on the stereo. It is a platform that allows you to use specific apps that have contracted with Weblink. These are the only apps that will be functional on the touchscreen. It does not turn your stereo into a copy of your phone. There is no charge to use it.

To use WebLink is a multi-step process of downloading the app, creating an account and choosing apps, and it only works with your phone plugged in and on the Weblink app screen . There are currently only a few apps that actually work with the touchscreen.

The WebLink apps include Waze navigation and YouTube but don’t expect to just pop it in and go . Also whoever installs the stereo will have to connect it to the parking break or videos will not play. There are a few other apps that I haven’t found useful but others may like , such as Yelp and a streaming radio app called ShoutCast.

WebLink also offers a casting option which makes it possible to cast whatever is on your phone screen to the stereo screen, but the stereo touchscreen will not be operational. This means you can cast Google Maps to the screen and the sound will come from your speakers, but you will not be able to easily use your phone while this is enabled.

Hands-free calling

The hands free phone option is nice except that it uses a wired microphone. It will connect your phone Contacts to the touchscreen via Bluetooth . Just be aware that the sound is not very loud unless you put the mic close to your mouth.


The 7 inch touchscreen is only a little bigger than today’s large phones. The screen is not very sensitive, but the touch sensitivity and the screen lighting is adjustable . There is only one USB port and the aux input is located behind the dash. Remember, your phone can connect via Bluetooth, but it must be plugged in to use the Weblink.


As for the radio, it works fine. Choose your preset stations before you begin driving because the buttons are not very visible and you have to look closely at the screen to change the channels. I’m hoping I’ll get used to it . It took me a minute to find the music settings that adjust the sound. You can see a tutorial in the video below. But the reception is good and the music settings are adequate, but not as complex as some might like.


For the price, around $200, it’s not a bad deal. Most touchscreen stereos with Apple CarPlay are going to cost more, so it depends on what you want. That’s the lesson I learned: know what’s features are important to you before you buy!

A few other options on Amazon

Can’t see the links? Click here. These are affiliate links. I will receive a commission for any items purchased from these links.


I probably would not have bought this stereo if I had known more about it. I think this stereo is best for listening to music, not watching videos or using the screen with your phone. If you want more features for a similar low price, you’ll need to keep looking. The links above offer some good options, but read the descriptions closely to see if the stereo does what you want it to do.

I demo the stereo here .

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