Echoes, Pieces of Her, Web of Make Believe: Our Latest Netflix Series Binges

I won’t make any excuses. We watched these shows and we liked it! I refuse to feel guilty for sitting in my recliner for several hours at a time lately. Life has been exceedingly stressful. That’s not an excuse! Just the truth. These were all limited series which I like because they have an ending. I don’t like waiting months for new episodes.

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Echoes, a limited series, is a story about identical twin sisters. They have a very close relationship, in fact they trade lives and husbands, but nobody knows they are doing it except them. When one of them disappears, the other one is left to deal with a lot of problems while she searches for her sister. There are multiple mysteries and you will be confused for most of the first five episodes. We enjoyed it, and it’s mostly inoffensive, but be aware there are a couple of scenes with naked butts and mild sex scenes.

With Michelle Monaghan, Matt Bomer, Karen Robinson, and Ali Stroker.

Pieces of Her

Another limited series of 8 episodes, this one has some good mysteries and personal relationship drama. The main characters are a mom and her grown daughter who are in a witness protection program because of the mom’s youthful participation in a radical group. When they are accidentally shown on a news program, their cover is blown and now they are in danger. This was a good show, but it did feel like it could have been one episode shorter. I only recall one mild sex scene. The acting is good and I liked the cast. A couple of political messages, but nothing too annoying.

Cast includes Toni Collette as the mom, Laura Oliver · Bella Heathcote as the daughter, Andy Oliver · Omari Hardwick as the dad and ex-husband, Gordon Oliver · Gil Birmingham as Charlie Bass · Jacob Scipio as Jack.

Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and The Internet

Each episode is a mini-documentary about bad things that are happening on the internet that you may not even be aware of. I definitely learned some stuff. I recommend parents at least watch the first episode called Death By Swat which is about video gamers calling Swat to other gamers houses and how an innocent man ended up dead. I think I actually skipped the second one by accident. The Sextortion episode was very disturbing. It’s about a high school boy who was blackmailing a group of girls by demanding nude photos and taking over their Facebook pages and other accounts. Parents should watch that one with their kids or at least discuss it with them. The I’m Not a Nazi episode is an interview with a woman who got involved with White Supremacists through the internet. The Stingray was really interesting, about internet fraud and con men.


  1. Hmm, I “Like” that you presented your leisure activities and I certainly understand the relief from stress you need with just a portion of your “adventures” being reported here on WP. However, I highly recommend checking out your local library for videos rather than footing a bill for lots of shows you will never watch. Our library in Lex even has recent videos that come out as soon as they are on Redbox or other rental services.
    The nice thing about movies from the library is you can select them based on your toleration of sex, violence or foul language. Many of the “golden oldies” have interesting stories before politics and sexuality were major drawing cards. And movies tend to have clearer messages and “endings” than even series on streaming services.
    Features of movies at home we enjoy: break for snacks or bathrooms whenever we want and we don’t miss anything. No set start time; works with our schedule. IF we find something objectionable in a movie, we can FF by it. LOTS of choices, more than any streaming service offers!
    The only “disadvantage” is that you won’t be the first to see it (OH, the horrors; my neighbors already saw it!). Actually, this can work to one’s advantage; e.g., I have no interest in seeing Superman kiss another man, which might surprise me if I was first to line up at the cineplex.
    I encourage you to be as discreet with your leisure time as much as you would be with service volunteering. Father watches our TV with us, and we need to be able to welcome Him whatever we are doing. No guilt-tripping here, just thinking. 😉
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

    • Haven’t been to a theatre since before Covid. I really don’t even know if anyone is still going to them? Our library has some movies, but it’s really hard to find anything my husband and I both like to watch. We seem to do better with Netflix series. We really enjoyed The Blacklist.

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