Semantics , Epigenetics, pharmacoepigenomics and the Covid mRna Vaccines

Remember when fact-checkers went on full attack mode against anyone who urged caution in using mRna technology as a vaccine ? We were called anti-science, anti-vaxxers, even if we approved of traditional vaccines. We were repeatedly told “the vaccine does not modify DNA.” This may be a technically true statement. But epigenetic changes can be just as bad as modifying DNA. The mRna vaccines are supposed to be little vaccine factories, but we do not know if the antibodies they produce can cause epigenetic changes just like a real virus can.

“These epigenetic changes are brought about by mechanisms such as DNA methylation, histone modifications, and non-coding RNAs in the regulation of gene expression patterns.”

I’m fact there’s a term for it , pharmacoepigenomics. The CDC even has a page about it .

And look at what this article says about fear and addition and DNA methylation (epigenetics.) “de novo DNA methylation of targeted genes could play a role in the induction, consolidation and/or expression of fear-related memories. Consistent with this hypothesis, direct infusion of the DNMT inhibitors 5-aza-deoxycytidine (5-Aza) or zebularine into the hippocampus after shock exposure abolished fear-related memory expression when the rats were returned to the testing apparatus 24 h later, reflected in greatly diminished freezing behavior.9” In normal words, they are saying that they purposely methylated certain genes to control fearful memories in rats and then they were able to turn off the same genes. Woah.

We do not know yet if the mRna vaccines can cause epigenetic changes, but stay tuned for future updates.

What do you think? Was the whole world part of a huge genetic experiment? Did you notice any health changes after getting Covid or the mRna vaccines?


  1. However, according to a Swedish study conducted at Lund University, mRNA does get transcribed into DNA in the liver! Worth watching the human genome over the next few decades to see if Pfizer is right and “its mRNA vaccine does not alter the human genome.”
    Too late for those who participated in the largest clinical trial in history, except that there was NO informed consent, no info available regarding risks and no opportunity to withdraw once begun.

  2. Thank you for your post. I strongly suspect that the mRNA is merely poisonous like other vaccines. Inject a foreign body into the body and the immune system will react if it is up to scratch and eliminate the intruder. If not then harm occurs to a varying degree.

    I was given 9 sessions of immuno-therapy for a cancer diagnosis in 2020. I worked out this was in fact sodium nitrite (E250) poisoning via food I ate. E250 is legally allowed, but is in fact neuro-toxic. I suspect I might have had the equivalent of 9 vaccines in as many months. This has probably caused the imbalance in my thyroid by damaging the pituitary gland.

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