Me Time: A Short Story

He was looking for you,

Because he saw a funny thing on YouTube that he wanted to show you . “Where’s mommy?”.

You were having “Me time” with your friends, drinking at the wine bar, shopping at the boutique, having lunch with the girls.

She was looking for you ,

Because she had a question about angels. “Mommy, where are you ?”.

You were gone to a conference for your side hustle, having a blast and building your confidence . The cheering and awards gave you an adrenaline rush that lasted all week.

He was missing your touch and tried to find you.

You were out of town and out on the town. “You have reached the voicemail…”.

You needed a break from it all, a change of scenery , a challenge, a little fun, to escape from reality awhile.

Being a mother and wife wasn’t all that you expected. Your friends were posting on Facebook. It looked so fun.

“You should come out with us!”said the other moms. It was easy for them, their kids were at their ex’s for the weekend.

A missed recital, a forgotten anniversary, too tired for sex. “Sorry. I won’t be home til late”.

He packed up their things while you were out of town . Moved out. Left a note on the table . Silent house. Empty bedrooms.

“I tried to tell you that we needed you . But you needed “Me time”. Now you have it.”


  1. Very sad, but an accurate commentary on one of the frequent reasons for breakups.
    Once one is married or has children, “Me time” must be replaced by “We time.”
    Every decision you make is not yours alone anymore. But if both love each other as husband and wife, it becomes more satisfying than “Me time.” The two who become one flesh “feel” as though together IS “me time.”
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

    • Well said. Of course it’s okay to do things separately, but not so often that it affects the kids and the marriage. There should be healthy trust and occasional time apart can make the heart grow fonder . But I see too many cases where the couple leads separate lives.

  2. Me time is a fairly new concept and it can be damaging to a persons relationship with their husband, wife, and children. My great grandmother, and grandmother did not get me time and even when they did have an outing with friends it was with kids in tow. They did their daily chores with kids in tow at least until the oldest was old enough to help with the little ones. My grandma and grandpa were share croppers and it was not easy work in the 1930’s they had 5 daughters two of which passed away one at birth the other from complications of Spina Bifida. My grandma never really got over the Great Depression.
    If my mother would have said she needed “Me Time” from us kids my grandma would have said she was a bad mother and in my mothers case she was not wrong. My mother was an alcoholic and after her and our stepdad divorced she just fell headlong into drinking. Me and my sister were often left alone until she ran out of money. There was nothing of a good relationship with my mother and at one point I came pretty close to hating her. I left home at the age of 17 pregnant with my first child. I was determined my children would not live as I had and they didn’t. I went out maybe once every 5 to 6 months and that was my choice I had those children and they were my responsibility and it wasn’t always easy there were times where I felt all I could speak was infant and toddler. There were times I wanted to pull my hair out because of temper tantrums and them fighting, but it was worth it all. My son is now 42 with a family of his own, and my daughter will be 40 in October and she has a family. I cherish every moment I had with them growing up and would not trade it for all the “Me Time” in the world.

      • I absolutely agree with that because I was a stay at home mom in the 80’s and we were middle class. Now women look down on other women that choose to stay home and raise their children themselves.
        I always go back to a lot of these crimes committed by teens and the parents say their were no signs I am sure there were lots of them they just did not know their child. Everything that was put into that child was done by various different people from infancy up. You cannot know a child just by your days off and summer vacation and even then they are shuttled off to somewhere else.
        My daughter was a troubled child and I can tell you the age she was when it started she was 8 years old. Her biological father was a piece of crap and messed with her by lying to her all of the time. I knew because I was always there and I saw the signs. Most parents and children these days are just strangers that live in the same house.

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