Our Menagerie

I’m still having a lot of pain in my arm and typing makes it worse, so here are some photos.

Chico cooling off after a hot walk.
The Calico ready to pounce
King of the coop!
The youngest chick is getting pretty big . She flies in and out of the cage.

Just a few pics from the menagerie. Happy hump day!


  1. The calico looks MAD, lol! Our cat is apparently now pregnant, lol. So we are waiting for the kittens and hoping it’s only one or two because I’m not sure our middle daughter is going to be ok with parting with them. Then, we are getting them all fixed! She is a small cat anyways, so I’m thinking it won’t be a huge litter. My husband isn’t fond of cats (with due reason) so he’s not very happy, lol. But our children are the apple of his eye so… 🙂 Fun times! God Bless!!

    • I did post about it but it’s okay! I was running on the 4th of July and tripped on a little metal thing sticking out of the ground. I fell on my outstretched arms, a little more weight on the right arm. Messed it up pretty good. Shoulder and bicep and tricep get to aching pretty bad, especially when I lay in bed.

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