Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Climate Policies and Other News From An Insane Clown World

Things are getting real: real crazy. A quick look on YouTube confirms that as you are going about your normal day, the progressives and other nuts are trying to ruin your life. In the first two videos you learn that in countries with barely any greenhouse emissions , extremely strict new Paris agreement policies are being implemented that will quickly rob farmers of their livelihoods and also cut food production for many. In the Unherd article you discover that hippies fighting the man have become the man. Next you see people storming the President’s house to protest inflation in Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Will they be called insurrectionists??) And then you see the return to using coal for electricity in Germany. And in the last video Matt Walsh unveils just how far people will go to avoid reality. It’s an insane world!

https://unherd.com/2022/07/how-the-left-fell-for-capitalism/ Paul Kingsnorth, my favorite former environmental activist and pagan-turned Orthodox Christian explains brilliantly what’s really going on and how the laptop class that claims to be fighting for democracy actually created and supports corporate fascism. Don’t miss his other articles. https://unherd.com/author/paul-kingsnorthunherd-com/

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