The Failure of the Energy Transition

Gas prices are starting to get the public’s attention. Americans are feeling the pain of widespread inflation. For those in the upper class it might feel like a annoying headache and more like nausea for the middle class, while the lower class feels anxiety and exhausted.

High prices are cutting into everyone’s budget in different ways. Only the truly heartless or brainless think everything is fine and that the public should stop complaining.

People are asking why inflation is happening and what will be done . Our president actually told the truth! Biden, like the WEF, Bill Gates, and other social engineers, sometimes reveals what’s really going on if you listen closely.

He has repeatedly blamed Russia for the current historic inflation, which is partially true, although he leaves out important details such as his connections to Ukraine and the Democrats’ purposeful destruction of our energy independence.

He has also accurately blamed weaknesses in the supply chain for shortages while failing to mention that the unnecessary Covid lockdowns and criminally irresponsible bans on effective drugs for Covid helped cause that. (The fact that we are extremely dependent on Chinese exports isn’t mentioned much either. )

He has blamed consumers for too much demand, which seems strange considering that demand is the goal of capitalism. His administration seems to think the “cure” for a bad economy is a worse economy!

And he has blamed greedy oil companies for expecting to make a profit off their products. In fact , the greed is found in the stock markets and commodities markets.

But the main cause of the 2022 inflation is was slipped into a Biden speech recently and even though a few people mentioned it, I feel like much of the public is still uninformed.

In the speech below he mentions the truth: he refers to a “great transition”. The truth is that everything , EVERYTHING is related to the energy transition which is a decision by globalist investors to divest from fossil fuels and start a new business model called renewable energy. And “we the people” are paying for the construction of this business and later we will pay for the energy it produces. What we are seeing is an offensive strategy, not defensive. It’s a economic plan, not a reaction to uncontrollable events.

What we are seeing now is the shifting of fossil fuel subsidies (paid for by your taxes) to renewable energy . During this withdrawal of government assistance from the fossil fuel industries and switch to building renewables, we are seeing extreme inflation, food shortages, unemployment, and geopolitical upheaval.

The latter is caused by the threat to Russian and Middle Eastern oil profits and the real effects of removing their main source of GDP that they use to increase their living standards provide social support to their citizens. Some of these countries don’t have a lot of other options. Take away oil and they revert to being a poor country. And the return of war is not far behind.

So as you spend more and more at the pump and on every single thing you buy, remember the real cause of inflation is a premature, forced, unnecessary, and poorly handled decrease in oil production brought about by global elites.


  1. I know a lot of conservatives think this is all about the energy transition, but I am worried it is much worse than that. I think they are trying to dismantle western democracies in general. And the big way to do that is to go after any form of economic dominance and stability. During the covid era, they nuked what they considered “non-essential” services. The big loser in basically all covid era policy was small businesses, the economic engine of our country. Now they can’t make the covid panic come back no matter how hard they try, and they are taking a wrecking ball to essential services: oil, natural gas, agricultural commodities / fertilizer, water, baby food, tampons. First non-essential gets nuked, now essential. They are arbitrarily destroying the markets for all of the things people cannot live without.

    A friend of mine whose husband comes from a big farming family drove across the prairies from Houston to South Dakota last week. She said her husband was freaking out the entire trip because so much of the farmland is completely empty right now. What is planted appears to be behind schedule. They estimated at least 25% of the fields are fallow.

    It doesn’t get headlines, but many “green” energy endeavors have been rolling over the same as oil. Lake Mead is at 29% capacity for the first time in its history despite incredible precipitation events in the Rockies (a late season blizzard, which is by definition loaded with water, and flooding so bad it has physically altered the landscape of Yellowstone). The Oroville and Shasta reservoirs in California are less than half full when they should be at their highest levels. Where is the water going? Those are reservoirs that provide drinking water to tens of millions of people plus industrial agriculture, but they are also built to generate hydropower.

    Earlier this year, the Biden administration almost killed off the majority of solar power in the United States by proceeding with a tariff investigation brought by a seemingly fraudulent company in California. They wanted to stop the import of solar components from China (90% of the market) so they could fill the market themselves. A journalist from a solar industry rag went out to look at the company and found their “headquarters” is an abandoned building covered in graffiti with illegal dumping taking over their parking lot. It’s unclear what they do, but manufacturing solar panels is not it. The company was set up during the Obama green energy panic in the financial crisis. Somehow the Biden administration is obsessed with green energy but did not know the company was not active in the market? What gives?

    If they love green energy so much, then why do they seem to be sabotaging it? Maybe they just want to screw with ALL energy. ALL essential services.

    Another thing – most of the grids in western states can barely handle a hot day now, mostly because they have prioritized green investment over routine maintenance. This past week was super close for the Texas grid. And they want to push everyone into electric vehicles at the same time they talk about how rolling blackouts might be necessary? The infrastructure simply isn’t there and it’s not going to be there anytime soon – they know this. Maybe watching the system break is a feature not a bug, and that applies to green energy too.

      • They can think whatever they want. If “we are going to tax our energy companies to smithereens to stick it to Putin, then demand they invest more in production with the money they don’t have because we took it from them” makes sense to someone, I can’t help them.

      • So, between us, I’m struggling with wondering if I’m being too alarmist . Things look very bad to me, but we are still functioning. Do you think it will be a sudden collapse or a slow boil ?

      • I honestly do not know where to go with everything that is happening. Working in finance and economics has trained me mentally to look for ways to profit from things falling apart as much as I would try to profit from prosperous times. (As Warren Buffett says, be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.) But them messing this much with the markets for food and energy specifically is difficult to wrap my mind around. Wars are fought over this stuff. The Biden administration seems intent on running the same games Carter did in the 1970s (in retrospect, him genuflecting before Carter after his inauguration was a solid indicator of what was to come) knowing full well that these policies ended not only in more inflation but rationing. It’s pure insanity, these folks are menaces. Even Fed chief Powell said this morning that monetary policy cannot change the price of food and energy – they can’t cancel out market interference or fiscal policy that directly contradicts the objectives of monetary policy, which is exactly what we have happening now, and for what?

        My only consolation is that our Founders did leave us with a good system of government with checks and balances, and Biden has found himself rebuked not only by the GOP but by more sensible people on his own side and the courts. They are limited in how much damage they can do if the GOP can get its **** together.

    • It’s the 70s all over. And I agree, good to see a little pushback. But it’s not much. Please give your blog friends a heads up if you see anything new happening. 😉

  2. I lived in Palm Springs where there is a huge wind farm where you enter the town. It’s an eyesore, it kills bird and so many of the turbines are not turning or creating energy. Some are laying rusted on the ground. The “clean” energy is often worse for our environment than fossil fuels.

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