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Everyone has their favorite beverage that they like to drink when they wake up or when they are taking a break or with a meal. I drink coffee when I first wake up, but only one cup. Then I have a Coke Zero with lunch. I mostly drink water the rest of the day.

What about how your information sources? Do you prefer blogs, news websites, social media like Facebook or Twitter, or the TV news? How about emails? Some people hate email, but it’s making a comeback.

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  1. Coffee early in the morning. Sometimes a cup of regular tea mid-morning. The rest of the day, it’s herbal tea or flavored sparkling waters, with an occasional beer or glass of wine with dinner.

  2. When I wake up I have a glass of water then I make tea…I have at least two cups of tea when I write. Mainly water throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll have a diet soda during the day. 4pm…tea. 10pm herbal tea. I get my news from morning update emails from the times and the journal. I also look at scrolling headlines on my phone. I don’t go to blogs for news, just at particular blogs more for fun. I don’t use social media for news at all.

      • Oooh… absolute favorite is earl grey, which is usually my 4pm cup. I prefer black teas, in my rotation now are maofeng Keemun black, English breakfast, Kenya, and golden Nepal. Love a good assam and Darjeeling as well. My herbals are Moroccan mint, a tropical blend that’s hibiscus something or other, chamomile and a blend from kusmi called love. But I have a whole tea cabinet. I might do a post on teas…

  3. I usually have 1-2 cups of black coffee at work in the morning, a soda at lunch, and water or Powerade in the evening depending on whether or not I’m working out or playing a sport.

  4. I drink mostly water because I am diabetic, but I do drink a little peach tea from Snapple. I also drink a little Pepsi when my man has one especially Mexican Pepsi that is made with sugar and not corn syrup they also make Coke with sugar there. I live in Texas and it is easy to get it here. Also the shelf life is shorter because they don’t use the preservatives that are used here. A lot of people believe when you are diabetic you cannot have sugar and if I didn’t have carbs or sugar I would die.
    I think all things are good in moderation well food wise anyway.

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