What is ‘Human-racism’?

Have you seen the movie ‘The Matrix’? There’s a famous line in which humans are referred to as a disease. Then we have the movie ‘Parasite’ that portrays the horrible way humans treat each other and children’s movies that teach children that humans are destroying the planet, such as ‘Happy Feet’, ‘Wall-E’, ‘The Lorax’ and many more.

You don’t have to look hard to find this idea that humans don’t really belong on this planet and that we are destroying ‘nature, the climate, the earth’ and should be controlled or eliminated like weeds.


Although the basic concept of the movement is the same, my motivations have evolved. I was a deep ecologist at first, caring more about our impact on the ecosphere than human needs. I’ve become more concerned about any new humans being brought into existence. Procreation today is the moral equivalent of selling berths on a sinking ship.


he organisation’s literature is rational and often humorous in tone and, says Mackellen: “It’s nice to talk openly with people who have similar feelings and frustrations, like when I read the environmental news and think: wow, how could anybody produce a new human when the effects of humans are very obvious, I feel, and the situation is getting worse.”

Young people are being taught these concepts in college.

Münter hadn’t considered the implications of population size until she was in her early 20s. “I was studying biology at the University of California and came into a lecture that I assumed would be about biochemistry, but the professor showed us a documentary on population.” She says she was “blown away” by the numbers. “It took humans 200,000 years to get to our first billion people, then 126 years to double to 2 billion, 30 years to add another billion and 14 years for the next billion.” Each subsequent billion has only taken 12 years. “It’s pretty scary,” says Münter.


This is human-racism. It’s the hatred of humans in general, but especially certain classes of humans: namely the ones that are not just like you. People who embrace the idea that humans are a disease often hate themselves. But hate other people even more. They hate people who have children and people who don’t believe in abortion on demand. They hate poor people, White people, men, straight people, small towns, Christians and Jews. They don’t realize that they are tools of the devil who is using them to fulfill his goal to wipe out humanity.


This is the good old eugenics, evolution, racist agenda of the late 1800s. Evolutionary theory is the religion that is driving it all. If God created humans, as the Bible teaches, then humans are good. If they just happened, then they can be altered and edited out by ‘progress’ and evolution. Over-population is a myth created by eugenicists. The actual goal of Progressivism is creating a perfect world, which requires eliminating the imperfect. Technology and medical interventions are attempting to achieve this now. The ‘climate agenda’ is a ruse that is being used to implement population control. Food and energy ‘shortages’ will be used. Stay tuned.

What do you think? Are you a human-racist? Have you adopted some of the beliefs without knowing it?

New podcast up today that goes into this more.


  1. Well, I do think we have too many people…but I think of it as more supply and demand than anything else. Finite resources…

  2. Nope I don’t believe in that stuff at all. God created the earth and all that is on it and in it and He knew exactly how many humans would end up on it and He did say go forth and multiply not stop at this number of people. This world will certainly end, but not for the reasons all these people imagine it will. They are being twisted by a devil they don’t even believe in which of course makes it easier for him. Fact is 65% of all confessing Christians do not believe in the devil, sin, or hell.
    I think you are right that they do hate themselves, but I think they love the idea of becoming perfect through technology which I feel is another ruse by the devil making them believe imperfections can be just cut out of their DNA and I wonder how much has to be removed and replaced by something else that you are no longer human? I would imagine it wouldn’t take much at all.
    There have been for many years around the world scientist trying figure out how to splice animal DNA into human DNA using CRSPR DNA editing things like better night sight of owls and cats and other traits of other animals. Another thing in the movies that is telling is the movie Avatar where the mind is sent into a biological suit if you will of the inhabitants on that planet. Even now they are trying to figure out how to upload the mind into computer simulations isn’t funny how some movies tend to echo the world?
    Even if scientists were trying to go good by editing out illness and deformity what is the cost of removing sections of DNA and what are they replacing it with? I believe that from the time Lucifer fell he has been trying to destroy God’s creation and if he cannot kill off humans then he is going to try to change the human race to the point they are no longer human at all, I also do not believe it is the first time this has been tried. I have never believed that sin was any direct cause of the flood. God knew sin would continue to exist even after the flood. He chose Noah and his family because they were perfect in their generations and we know God did not mean they had not sinned because only God is perfect. What I feel God meant by perfect in their generations was their DNA had not been corrupted. Genesis tells us that fallen angels had taken for themselves human “wives” and their offspring would be corrupt and it did not take long for that corruption to spread. Now there are those that what I just said is nothing more than fairytales, but is it?

    • If 65% of “Christians” don’t believe in the devil, sin, or hell, what is the definition of “Christian”? It’s like saying, “I believe in Jesus, but I don’t believe what He taught was true.” :/ Which makes me wonder what percentage of “Christians” are true believers in Christ?

      • I agree, recent polls taken shows that 65% do not and I think there are many reasons for it. One id because the majority of pastors leave a full 1/3 of the Bible out of their sermons and 1/3 left out deals with those uncomfortable subjects. Another reason is the occult has been infiltrating churches for decades now and they are now to the point where many are having tarot card reading, ouija board use, mediums speaking to the “dead”, etc. There are other things, but this would become a book.
        Many of them are not true Christians they only want to hear the things that make them feel good. Joel Osteen once said that the reason he doesn’t preach about sin is because people feel guilty enough really??? If we felt that guilty we would sin far less than we do.
        Look up pastor Billy Crone he has many studies in these areas and can teach you about this far better than I can. You can find him on YouTube under his name and on his website http://www.getalifemedia.com he has even more studies there. An interesting fact about him is he does not copyright his work if you buy his CD’s he encourages people to make copies and pass them out to other people because he wants to get the word out there.

      • I think many people believe in the ‘unknown god’ and a Jesus that only exists in their minds. They don’t even know what the Bible says. 😦

  3. Actually, I suspect we got to the first billion in about 5000 years, given a Biblical timeline from creation.
    Interestingly, one of the motives for the Pilgrims to be “squeezed” out of England was the overpopulation that the government was concerned would sink the island! By the time Dickens came around, it was still overpopulation that haunted the unbelievers’ nights. Recall Scrooge telling the do-gooders collecting for the poor that the people dying in the Poor Houses would reduce the surplus population.

    • The idea of keeping the (poor) population down goes way back. Even the Egyptians were worried about the Hebrews becoming too powerful.

      • It is a lie the devil has used for centuries. Just like the lie that many slave holders and modern racists still believe that dark skinned people are not human (although it did not stop them father children with slave girls by force). As I told a woman once if they were not human we could not mix and have babies because you cannot breed a cat and dog. I also use the example of the mule you can breed a horse and donkey but the resulting offspring both male and female are sterile. You can breed any two donkeys with each other and it is fine and the same with horses withstanding size of course because some draft horses are huge. My point is no matter the color of humans they can freely intermingle and be fine as I believe God intended and the fact at one time there was only one race.

  4. The “Population Bomb” hoax has been around with varying popularity forever. It was the ideological origin of Planned Parenthood as an organization. Margaret Sanger was super into eugenics and focused her clinics on poor people and minorities. While the left clutches their pearls about the Great Replacement Theory on cable news panels now, their biggest political donor exists and has always existed to wipe out what the elites perceive to be undesirables in the name of population control. The Bush family was super into the Population Bomb hoax too, and even now some of the family (Laura Bush and her daughters) are big supporters of PP. They are ideological menaces. Their climate panic is a Sanger redux – we need to wipe out minority babies because feeding them affects the weather.

    It’s a real problem for our society, regardless of its racist implications. It is hard to have an economy with a low birth rate. Social programs that are premised on having future generations pay for older generations (like Social Security, pensions, health insurance schemes, etc.) collapse. Japan was the first in the world to have to grapple with this problem, and they are on their third decade of economic stagnation. At this point, we should be paying people to have children. But the millennials and Gen Zers who are internalizing this nonsense will learn soon enough. They are approaching middle age with zero wealth and they will approach retirement with zero safety net, because of their “ideals.”

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