Ozark is Over








RIP RUTH! And adios Omar. And good riddance to Javi and Nelson. Best wishes to Three, Rachel, and the Byrdes.

Sorry to tell you, but Ruth gets killed in the last episode of Ozark. I know, it’s not fair at all! But she is with her family in the great Ozark lake house in the sky now. When her time was up, she was ready to go.

These last episodes were by far the best ones of the series. The writing and acting was perfect. So much psychology! Wendy was at the height of her insanity. Marty never faltered in his loyalty to his narcissistic, lying, scheming wife, but he seemed to be on the edge. Sweet Jonah and the unattractive sister Charlotte almost got sucked into living with Wendy’s evil dad. Omar’s sister and Clare Shaw were super strong as secondary characters.

Many shocking twists and turns as always. I really enjoyed trying to guess what was going to happen next. I actually felt a little bad for Omar, but he had it coming after all the people he had killed.

The ending was a big surprise but I knew something big would happen just when they thought they were getting out of the cartel. I didn’t like that Jonah killed Mel, but it showed that the damage that had been done by his parents. After all he had been through, he couldn’t escape their web of death. They were no different than the cartel.

Since it ended on that note, I guess we are meant to assume that they went back to Chicago after that. Mel would join the list of missing people last seen by the Byrdes. Rachel would find Ruth or maybe she wouldn’t. Clare and Camila would be the new cartel leaders. The crooked politicians would continue being rich. Life goes on.

I hate to see the story end so soon. But I’m glad Ruth went out with her kind of dignity.


  1. You ruined a show for everyone by way of the title. No spoiler alert needed. Thanks for that.

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