The End Of Sovereign Nations

Your friendly neighborhood realist here. Today I’m writing about the end of sovereign nations. We saw this coming when Dear Leader Obama went around kissing the boots of our enemies. Then Trump came in and claimed he would bring back American exceptionalism, but somehow his actual policies failed to do that. Whether he faced unsurmountable opposition or we just got played is up for debate.

But now the O’Biden plan, aka the NWO agenda, is back on track. Plans are moving forward very quickly. It seems like they are in a big hurry to get as much passed as possible before the mid-terms, but I don’t think they are really scared.

The Democrat-Socialist-Globalists believe they have won the war against freedom, state’s rights, and sovereign nations.

In the NWO (New World Order) that has been in the process of construction since the end of WW2, every nation will be legally bound to various treaties and agreements, such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the soon-coming WHO Pandemic Preparedness Agreement.

The goal since WW2 has been a centralized, global governing authority that will help feed the global economy. With the formation of the defunct League of Nations, then the UN, bankers and world leaders have tried to create rules to manage the entire world.

Many of our presidents, including Biden, have made reference to the New World Order. Sometimes I think the term is used in a more descriptive way, but they are using it purposely to implant the idea that the world is all ONE.

How do they expect the entire world to cooperate when each individual country is struggling with great divisions and inequality? A bigger government is not the answer. Smaller, local government is the key to establishing peace.

They are unrelenting in their plans. But it takes time, public grooming, and technology to build a giant monster. Say hello to 5G, digital ID, vaccine passports, digital currency, global banking, and everything else you can think of, being managed and regulated by a global, unelected group.

We can guess who might be in that group. People like Klaus Schwab, WHO leader Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Larry Fink of BlackRock, World Bank President David Malpass, Jeff Bezos, and other well-known billionaires and previous leaders, supported by thousands of tax-funded NGOs and “philanthropists” like Bill Gates and George Soros and Warren Buffet. The World Economic Forum is proud of it’s record of creating global leaders that will be in charge of the NWO.

But is there anything we can do about this? Do we just sit back and let them make America a country in name only? Do we have a voice in our so-called democracy?

I’m afraid that many of today’s Americans have no idea what is happening. Those of us who see the truth must educate the others. Each one, teach one! Tell your family members that America is about to be swallowed up into a global government where our national interests no longer take precedent.

Sadly, many young people and some hippies, will not have a problem with a NWO. But hopefully we can turn the tide and at least win some seats in the November election.

Even more important than elections is changing national sentiment. As long as people are uneducated on the dangers of a central government, namely the loss of freedom and the subsuming of our national identity into a global NWO identity, they will continue to be led like sheep to the slaughter.

We have to make people understand that the high inflation and loss of rights that have happened in the past two years was not an accident. Their regime change will require the destruction of the current regime, including our oil based economy, the dollar, individual freedoms, and an open internet, as well as privacy.

American VALUES matter. If we become part of a global government, those values will be in danger. What values? Freedom of speech, religion, press, justice, free markets, sanctity of life, the belief that the ends do NOT justify the means, individual rights versus the collective, and so on.

Other countries in the world have never had the same life that Americans have. We truly are exceptional. Yes, we have our problems, but much of that is caused by government intervention and also by the withdrawal of religious institutions from public life and social programs. We can repent and turn back to our formers ways. Even if you don’t agree that America is currently the greatest country in the world, I would ask you what country you think is doing better.

The time is very short. The technology is in place. Now it’s only a matter of another pandemic or WW3 happening that will push the final domino over and American sovereignty will become history. If you don’t believe me, just type in ‘the end of American’ in the Google search and see what pops up.

Speak up, vote, and pray.



  1. I don’t usually get involved in politics because I don’t want to get involved in or start an argument. That being said I agree with you in that when a people hide their collective heads in the sand or refuse to listen to the opinions of others; that is when the trouble begins. The US is in trouble…BIG trouble! But take heart, the Bible tells us that things will get much worse before Christ returns. Or said another way, the worse things are, the closer we are to Christ’s return!

  2. Unfortunately, nothing we do will stop this inexorable march toward a one-world government. I recall doing a blog once on the previous pope’s call for some type of agency to regulate international monetary policy and travel to bring “peace and fairness” to the world.
    It is likely that the US will not be a big player in the events that will focus on “the Epicenter,” Israel.
    Still, we must do our part and stand firm in the faith into which God has called us, declaring the truth against all lies and imaginations of the evil one.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • I was thinking how we got here and I have to place a large amount of blame on public schools and colleges teaching secular humanism and evolution, but then go further and point out that parents have handed over their kids without questioning what they’re being taught . I wonder if taking back the schools and children would turn things around. Remember Nineveh did temporarily repent. 😊

  3. When someone refers to the NWO they are referring to the rise of China and the constant power shifts around the world. It used to be France, England and Spain duking it out. Then the US rose as a world power after WWI and many empires lost colonies. More colonies were lost after WWII and the US and USSR became the big dogs. In the order of things they were #1 and #2, the UK was fading fast.
    As far as a one world government, never going to happen. We can’t get all countries to agree to anything. Even that Russia is at war with Ukraine.
    And treaties were made to be broken. Russia just did it by invading Ukraine. We broke the treaty with Iran.
    Scotland wants to break away from the UK. So there will be two governments on one island.
    The New Hampshire house or senate recently took a vote to secede from The Union. It failed, but I hope you can understand how a global government is NEVER going to happen.
    Yes there will be treaties and such. We all have to agree how much a ton weighs and how many gallons are in a barrel of oil. We all have to agree that killing innocent civilians is a war crime. I don’t see any of this as giving up my rights.

    • I think we are in agreement. Countries run by mortal men will always fight for dominance and their leaders will always be willing to sacrifice a few or a few hundred thousand young soldiers to keep their power or fight off real or imagined aggressors. History is a record of the rise and fall of empires and kings and peoples. I’m simply pointing out that the US is about to join in a worldwide climate agenda scam led by the UN that is going to cause great hardship to the poor and make a lot of rich people even richer. Not that we shouldn’t protect out natural resources and have multiple energy sources, but that actual policies will be more about protecting banks, markets and profits. And part of this will be an actual loss of freedom to regular people due to the changes in transportation, money/currency, agriculture, housing, jobs, and anything associated with fossil fuels. For example, most people in the US cannot afford to buy an electric vehicle. If gas-powered vehicles are phased out, as planned, and gasoline becomes prohibitively expensive, the freedom to travel anywhere other than where public transport takes you will be limited to those who can afford it. If they do away with the current monoculture that allowed big agriculture to feed the world, will they be able to feed the world? If most service jobs become automated, will there be enough jobs for the millions of unskilled workers of the world? The UN SDG ‘sound’ good until you realize what would be required to implement them. Namely, extreme income redistribution and a return to rule by the few over the many, a neo-feudalism. Having sovereign nations was a protection from that.

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