Mothers, Teach Your Children Courage

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If I had to pick just one cause of the cancel culture, Covid crisis, political chaos, moral breakdown and depression epidemic in our world today, I would blame it all on helicopter moms.

Facing the normal and inevitable situations that will happen in a fallen and uncontrollable world requires COURAGE!

But instead, mothers have been weakening the ability of their children to stand up under pressure.

Helicopter moms are overly involved with trying to protect and control every aspect of their child’s present and future lives. This need to make sure that their child is safe from danger and has a ‘good life’ actually handicaps them. The results can be chronic anxiety, perfectionism, inability to tolerate change or unexpected events, hyper-critical attitudes towards others, fear of failure, fear of everything, and eventually addictions to anything that will remove these feelings.

Alongside helicoptering, we have the moms who are afraid that their boys might be too masculine and therefore they try to suppress the natural emergence of assertive or ‘aggressive’ behaviors. Instead of courage they encourage passivity.

“Don’t fight. Don’t get your clothes dirty. Don’t protect your sister. Don’t build that project. Be careful with that knife! Be careful with that bicycle!”

Etc, etc, until the boy learns the unspoken message that HE CANNOT TRUST HIMSELF and is somehow in danger if he tries to do the natural things that will actually help him grow up to be strong and courageous and a GOOD MAN.

Girls are taught to be afraid that a man is going to hurt them, instead of teaching her how to handle herself with courage. They are taught to be focused on their looks, easily offended, petty, entitled, and resentful when they don’t get what they deserve. This makes them weak!

Girls need to be strong enough to handle whatever life throws at them without falling into emotional traps. Teach them not to be bothered by other’s opinions, to stand up for the truth and to do what is right even if it’s not popular. Teach them that doing the right thing is more important than keeping your job or your friend group. And teach them to be physically strong and how to work. We don’t need a world full of princesses.

We can see some courageous men in the news right now. And women. They are the people who we thought had been completely taken over by the socialist dictatorship up north, the Canadians. But when a few of them stood up, they started a ripple effect! Yes! Be strong and courageous and stand up to injustice! That is the only way we will turn the tide against the evil that is trying to take over the world. The evil that is only able to take over when men are weak and afraid.

At the base of fear is a lack of faith in God.

Parents, find your faith. And teach your children that God is our King. That we are his servants. And that we must be strong and courageous in little and big things. Not be controlled by the fear of what MAN can do to us.

Mothers, it starts with you. Reject safetyism. Reject helicopter parenting. Teach your children that they can do hard things, that risk is a part of life, and that you believe in them! It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to get dirty and get hurt. Kiss them and tell them you are proud of them for trying. And teach them that evil is real and they need to be ready to fight.

It’s not too late.


  1. Yes, this is of vital importance. We are so comfortable in our society and yet so anxious at the same time. The wolf is at the door! We need to be tough and resilient and train our children that way, too.

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