Springy Fall Day in Texas

I used to love Summer . Then I got to where the sun gave me headaches and the humidity drained my energy . So I thought Spring was the best season. But I also love snow and cold weather so I look forward to Winter.

But right now it’s Fall and I’m loving that we still have green grass and blue skies and I’m wearing flip flops one day and a jacket the next. Or both. It’s going to be 82 degrees today.

My still-recovering-from-Covid husband was feeling pretty good and he did a lot of outdoor activities including a 1.5 mile walk, plus lots of working in the yard.

He is a very crafty guy. So he repaired the broken windmill (which he built from scrap metal) . He also made a Mason Bee house from a piece of log after cutting down a tree.

Hope you enjoy these photos I just took of the yard work we did this weekend and our green garden and our rowdy chickens . They enjoyed the clover that we pulled out of the flower beds!

I’m so thankful to live in this free and beautiful state .

Mason bee house made from a log
Mason Bee house . The females lay eggs in the holes and then block up the holes with a mud plug . When the larvae hatches it eats it way out. They’re excellent pollinators.


  1. What fun! 82 degrees, you are so blessed! We’re having a lovely storm here. I’m not complaining at all, but I did decline to go walking with hubby this morning. It is just raining sideways and the wind is blowing. 🙂

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