Communism versus Human Nature

FEE is a wonderful organization and website for people who love free market capitalism. In today’s blog I share a link to an article describing how human nature is antithetical to communism. The only way communism can work is to control every aspect of life through coercive threats and violence.

Socialism via the guise of democracy is the first step in gaining compliance and mental acceptance of giving up personal freedom and responsibility for one’s own life, children, property and beliefs.

Not one corner of everyday life – its form, content, quality, or characteristics – was free from the control and determination of the all powerful and all-encompassing socialist state. Its design and attempted implementation was truly “totalitarian.” It may have been Benito Mussolini, the father of fascism, who coined the term, “totalitarianism” as meaning “everything in the State, nothing against the State, nothing outside the State.” But nowhere over the last century was this more insistently, pervasively, and coercively imposed than in the communist countries molded on the model of the Soviet Union as created by Vladimir Lenin and horrifyingly institutionalized by Josef Stalin and their successors.

The website also offers articles on politics, culture, education, history and lessons plans. Click the tags to choose specific tops. This list looks amazing!

My dad taught me to love free market capitalism. I went to college and when I took my first economics class I was so confused! I didn’t realize that I was taking the wrong type of economic class. There is a huge difference between Keynesian and Smith/Austrian economics. Austrian is about reality. Keynesian is pure theory.

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