Christian Apps For Adults and Children

This weekend I stopped into the local meat market/BBQ restaurant and while waiting for my order I noticed a small baby in a stroller holding a phone in their tiny hands watching a video.

Although I found this scene very disturbing , because I don’t think toddlers and young children should be hurting their eyes with close up viewing and creating brain habits that will shape their lives from such a young age, I do recognize that my opinion doesn’t matter .

Then on Sunday the pastor talked about how many hours a day the average person spends on various negative and sinful internet sources and that we need to balance that out with more time focusing on God.

That got me thinking that we probably can’t do much to turn the tide of screen addiction for most of the world , but that maybe there are some apps we can look at they at least make us think about God.

So I checked the iPhone App Store and there are lots of apps! Here are a few that looked promising . Please share your favorites in the comments!

Apps For kids

David Vs Goliath looks fun . The kids have to tap the screen to keep the story going and get points for various things.

The Bible App for Kids offers Bible stories and activities . Created by Youversion which is an app that like to use .

Tap a scene to hear the story and then do the activity .

Superbook is a nice app from CBN based on the TV show. Lots of different options. It took a view minutes to download the updates .

There are lots of games.

These are just a few kid-pleasing options that you’ll find in the App Store. I’m sure that Android users can find similar apps. The three apps above did not require me to sign in or pay , at least initially. I don’t know how long the free play lasts . I urge everyone to read the fine print on any app . Download at your own risk .

Apps For Teens and Adults

Youversion’s Bible app is well done . I like the easy to use feature for making graphics with verses and photos . It also offers reading plans and verse of the day and community options .

Plans can help you reach your goal of spending more time in the Word
Choose from many different Bible translations.
Quickly create and share to social media!

The Chosen is a popular TV series and you can use the app to watch it .

The Babylon Bee is always good for a laugh if you enjoy clever satire .

Baptism boosters 🤣🤣🤣

K-LOVE is a positive, Christian radio station and this is their app. You can listen to music through it. Looks good.

And one for men , Live Bold.

Live Bold offers free and paid features.

I hope you find something here you like that. If not, keep searching !

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