Texas Pride

As a Texan, I can attest to a certain belief that Texans are special and blessed. I know that may sound prideful to some of you, but this attitude goes way back to our founders, like Davy Crockett who supposedly said, “You can all go to Hell, I’m going to Texas.” . And there was a time when this belief of being specially blessed was held by most Americans. Yes, I know, not everyone has participated in the blessings, White privilege, all that. But America as a country was considered by many Americans to be under God’s blessing when it was founded on the basis of freedom for all men, rejecting the authority of kings and claiming the authority of God as it’s highest law. That idea of a Christian foundation for America obviously is not as popular as it used to be. Anyway. Here are a couple of songs to inspire you.

Love this poem!


  1. I just want to know, if America is as religiously evil, racist, anti-woman and homophobic as the extremists on the left claim, why do all of the people we “oppress” still want to come here!?
    Why not immigrate to ‘more open countries’ like Iran, Afghanistan, China or to the nations they are fleeing?
    Like Noah’s Ark in its day, the USA may not have everyone on board that we wish; we may have some smelly ones with which to contend; we may be crammed together for longer than we wish with relatives we don’t like; but IT IS STILL THE BEST THING AFLOAT! 😁

    • So true, my friend! And people forget that we are a nation of individuals who are responsible for themselves, not a hive with a single mind. There are good and bad apples, policies, and historical skeletons in every nation. But we both know the goal is to destroy unity and create a new ‘inter’nationalism. 🙂

  2. LOL! God bless Texas. I would like to visit very much! A couple of us recently threatened to stow away in the back of a delivery truck from Texas and I think we made the kid driving it a bit nervous. He wasn’t quite sure if we were serious or not. 🙂

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