10 Reasons that The Social Justice War Failed

Every social justice movement fails. Not everyone will agree with me on that , but that’s okay. The current movement for justice is nearly dead just like the various social movements of the 60s and 70s and 80s died out and things settled back into the status quo. They seem like they are gaining ground, but then something happens and the battle is lost. What is that something? I’ll tell you at the end. But first here are 10 reasons that doom them from the start.

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  1. Lack of coherent mission goals and wrong motives. Similar to the boys sent to fight the Vietnam war, many social justice warriors only have a vague idea what they are angrily protesting for and against, which means they are not able to carry out a mission effectively. The original trigger of police shooting or gun violence or other injustice is not usually enough to keep them in the battle if it did not personally harm them or someone they know. They think they care about justice, but often the real goal is feeling good, approval and being seen as caring about justice. We end up lying to ourselves about our motives and, eventually, people lose interest because it’s not satisfying to fight a war based on unclear goals.
  2. Lack of basic education. Many social justice warriors received their basic training in freshman philosophy and sociology classes instead of logic, ethics, history and economics. Without a basic understanding of how we got to where we are, our attempts to change things will be ineffective. Many young people truly see themselves as helpless victims of a cruel world, instead of free agents who make choices that result in consequences. Looking back at history is the best way to see how humans have interacted in various ways and that having self-control, faith, and self-responsibility leads to freedom. But the truth is that barriers to exercising one’s freedom in the economic market have been growing taller and stronger as the population has increased. What we are fighting for is not just social justice, but freedom and the right to do business!
  3. Failure of leadership. The current social justice movement had multiple leaders and fronts. Can you name any of the leaders? There was no Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gloria Steinem or other visible leader in this movement. There was only Black Lives Matter and over time they became exposed to be Marxists more concerned with overthrowing the American way of life than social justice. Getting rid of the capitalist system that has made America the most wealthy and powerful country in the world is their goal. The average American was not interested in destroying their own lifestyle and why would they be?
  4. Lack of respect for valid authority. The most important thing learned in military boot camps is to submit to authority. Rebels come in with an attitude that gets straightened out or they get thrown out. Not all authority is valid, and it should be not be blindly obeyed, but rebelling for the sake of rebellion is immature and self-destructive. Unfortunately, because young people truly want someone to look up to, many get sucked into following rebel leaders who are working towards their own goals of power and revenge, not actual justice.
  5. Not understanding the difference between revenge and justice. The Bible says that we should never seek vengeance. That is God’s job. But it also says we should love justice. So obviously those are two different concepts. So what is social justice? It’s about changing social structures and laws that prevent people from having equal access to the benefits of living in a free society. Those barriers have been erected to keep people out of the job market, housing, banking, business, education, and government in order to maintain the privileges of those who currently hold those positions. We already have laws that are supposed to protect people from discrimination, but they are unevenly enforced. It is right for God’s people to speak out against unfair laws and vote for better leaders.
  6. Expecting other people to change, but not seeing ourselves as part of the problem. We didn’t get to where we are overnight. The problem is that a few people are trying to fix a whole country, instead of every person looking inside themselves and asking what can they do differently. True change happens within ourselves, our relationships, our families, our businesses before it becomes noticeable in society as a whole. I am all for freedom of speech, but it is wrong to speak and act in ways that tear other people down or spread hate. This must start within the church. Recognizing our own prejudices and critical thoughts can free us to seek solutions that we might otherwise not consider.
  7. Leaving God out of the solution. This is the number one problem, but I put it down here because that is how people think. They don’t go straight to God when they have a problem. They go to their own thoughts, other people, the media, and government to fix things. If the entire world turned to God today, every human-created problem would be solved in a few months or less! Leaving God out is what got us where we are! The entire world is not going to turn to God, yet. But those of us who value justice, must turn to God as we seek justice.
  8. Not understanding who the real enemy is. If you look at the current condition of the world as far as modern technology, medical breakthroughs, decrease in wars, scientific knowledge, you’d think that man has got it going on! Man is solving all the problems of the world all by himself, right? Wow, we must be really smart! Wrong. We are just as dumb as Adam in the garden. We fall for the tricks of the devil who tempts us with intellectual pride, greed, sex, pleasure, food, power, and anger and revenge, just like he has done since man was created by God. Until we each individually recognize our weakness and ask God to help us, we will continue to fall into the devil’s traps.
  9. Not accepting the truth that two wrongs don’t make a right. Part of the belief system of all radicals is that all actions are justified if they serve the larger goal. This is a lie of the devil and a convenient, lazy excuse to not do things the right way because it takes too long. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was going in the right direction with his nonviolent principles. Of course, the devil made sure he was not successful. Every time we follow our desire for revenge, we are serving the wrong goal.
  10. Not listening when our inner voice tells us we are lost. If only people would heed that warning! God doesn’t want to see you wasting your life in pursuit of good goals with wrong methods. He wants you to pursue HIS goals with HIS methods. That takes humility and patience. I’ve seen mature adults who turn into stubborn mules over social justice instead of admitting that they are off course because they are so sure that God is on their side. Sometimes that person was the one looking at me in the mirror. But God is good! He is always there if we humbly admit we are wrong and seek forgiveness and help.

So what always happens to weaken or kill social change movements? People get bored and move on. The government gets involved, infiltrates and weakens the movement, assassinates or buys off the leaders, makes promises of change, or makes short-term changes that provide hope, or alternatively, the problem resolves itself by the simple passing of time, or people give up because the enemy has so much power. One difference with the current battle is the heavy use of social media to influence people’s minds. This has caused a more extreme divide and actually reduced the chance of constructive conversations. In my opinion, that was the goal. The government has spent years and billions of dollars learning the best ways to influence and control the public, all for our safety, of course.

Do not be fooled! The government is in the status quo business! Despite what they say, they offer False Hope and No Change. In order to maintain an easily controlled society, they must maintain control over perception and beliefs about reality. People who believe they are oppressed or in danger are easily controlled by promises of security and provision of basic needs. No matter that the same people who are promising to save you are the ones who are oppressing you!

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The real battle is for your mind. Are you prepared to defend yourself against the next campaign of lies and propaganda that is coming? Do your research. The battle to convince you that we must fight the ‘war against emissions’ is going to include heavy casualties. But when you remember to follow the money, you will discover the truth. Think for yourself and allow others to do the same.

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Keep on fighting the battle against true injustice. Civil rights laws already exist! The dangers we face now are attacks on the rights of all people that oppose excessive and unnecessary control. We must stop the government’s attempts to control access to jobs such as by outlawing fossil fuels or taxing them so high that no one can stay in business, to control access to media by limiting your access to information that goes against the narrative, and to control access to methods of self-defense by shutting down ammunition factories and imposing complicated gun laws. Your rights mean nothing if you have no job, no information, and no way to protect yourself. Do not throw away your freedom for the illusion of security.

The truth is that the government is fine with the public fighting amongst itself instead of uniting, lest we become independent and self-sustaining. What they don’t want is for you to discover that we NO LONGER NEED THEM. True democracy is not the masses of people controlled by a powerful centralized government with sham elections and a crooked justice system. Educated and just people don’t need protection and security from a bloated government . The more educated and technologically advanced we become as a society, the less we need government. They know that, but they don’t want you to figure it out! With the internet for education, banking, and business, if we had true free market access to the world’s natural resources, we could get by with a very minimal amount of governance.

Everything you see happening is an attempt to restrict access to resources and power and maintain their position. Of course, by looking at history and reading the Bible, we know that a perfect self-governing world is not possible. But while we wait for the great day of judgment in which God will repay all those who refuse to submit to him and who commit violence and injustice to the poor and oppressed, we should do our best to love our neighbor , with liberty and justice for all.

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Check out the following article about the battle against fossil fuels and meat.



  1. Hi, PK. Very good analysis of what has happened before. However, it may be that we are entering a new phase of history that will not revert to any previous status quo for the U.S. Recall the Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsars and at least for most of a century ruined Russia. My suspicion is that the western hemisphere will soon be insignificant on the world stage, and that may involve major shifts in our political and social structures.
    It will not affect individuals’ commitments to live out the Gospel, but may involve major persecution.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • I agree that this is very possible and we may be seeing the end of the Great American Experiment. I’m hoping that we aren’t there yet, but so many warning alarms are going off.

  2. Paula, until this year I had never heard the term “virtue signaling” or known what it meant, but the past year it’s been on disgusting display daily. I guess it proves that we’re all sinners. Even when we try to do good and join a social cause, the motives of the heart rear their ugly heads, and corruption throws everything into confusion.

    • Exactly! And boy does our current system encourage virtue signaling . That’s the whole premise of that social credit system in China . It’s coming here soon .

  3. Paula — I agree with “myfellowteachers” comment that all the items were good ones, especially #7. (I tried to “like” it, but the system didn’t accept it.) As you say, it really should be #1. I like when you tackle the tough subjects and weigh in on them — you offer keen insights. Thank you. BTW, I’ve saved your email on “Word Games” but I couldn’t find the post. Hope you didn’t take it down! God bless you.

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