Looking Snappy!

The turtles are on the move where we live and this big guy has been traveling through our yard. We have a small pond in the yard, thanks to the recent rain but I think he’s on a journey to the neighbor’s real pond . He’s a common snapping turtle , about 10-12 inches long not counting his long neck and tail . My dog was going nuts barking at him and the turtle was making this crazy gurgling sound! It was cool.

I went back out and searched but there’s no sign of Mr. Snappy. So I took a few photos of the yard. Was surprised to discover the berries are back!

Cold front coming through today . Can’t wait! Going to drop into the upper 50s. The temp is dropping as I type .

Happy Tuesday, friends. May the peace that only Jesus can give fill your heart today and always .

P.S. Bill and Melinda Gates are splitting up . I find that very curious.

This guy was crossing the road a few days ago when I was running . I helped him get there. Where I live some people stop their cars and move turtles off the road .


  1. Yey for turtles! We had a desert turtle many years. Very smart, wanted to be a member of the family and hibernated behind our file cabinet during the winter. God’s creatures are amazing!

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