Christmas 2020

I got inspired by to share some photos from before and during Christmas 2020 . Hope you like them!

This was the ugly sweater I wore to our Bible study luncheon. It was great to be together with the ladies I’ve mostly only seen on zoom this year.
I’m not terribly creative at decorating but I just had this urge to do something with this landscape box . I ended up adding gold tinsel to the tree and made a star on the wheel . It made me happy when the solar snowman lights lit up at night.
The coldest morning we had . Frosty!
I also took photos of the great conjunction but I liked this one the best .
We went to my mom’s new house for Christmas Eve. After we ate chili and tamales, the kids all hung out in the front yard and we watched The Queen’s Gambit . Great show!
My husband and our annoying dog Chico . Hubby had knee surgery December 10. He’s still healing, but doing good.
I made two batches of my favorite cookies, peanut butter blossoms, but I can’t eat them because they aren’t gluten free. I also made peanut butter rice crispy treats.
Grace was awake on Christmas morning. Although I only bought half as many gifts as usual, we had a good time opening them. All my kids except for my oldest were home.
My youngest son and I in front of the fake fire (on TV) . He did an amazing job reading aloud the whole chapter of Luke 2 and hubby read Isaiah 9 before we opened the gifts. It was awesome!
My mom gave my husband a ukulele.


  1. What a delightful collection of memories captured on film (digitally)! I smiled at all of them. And the photo of the conjunction made me chuckle – that’d be my best shot too!! Merry Christmas to you and yours, may your blessings be many in the year to come too!

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