Tracking and Being Tracked

Years ago I met a woman who was married to a rich, older businessman. He was extremely paranoid and controlling of her every move. He constantly accused her of cheating and watched every penny she spent . This was the first time I ever heard of one person tracking their spouse using GPS devices and by hidden phone apps and hidden cameras. I was understandably shocked and appalled at my own naïveté and the idea that people would do such things. I’ve always been a very honest person who strives to have nothing to hide , so this was totally foreign to my thinking. I even wondered if she was the paranoid one and that he wasn’t really doing those things. But then I did some online research and found that those tiny devices were readily available and in use by people for various reasons. Just Google “spying on —-” if you really want to know. This was just another example of me finding out that the world sucks way more than I knew. My little fairy tale life took another hit.

Since then I’ve accepted the fact that we are constantly being watched and monitored by cameras and that privacy is a myth . You can’t even be sure that your hotel room or bathroom stall is free of hidden cameras.

That said , I believe that the positive uses of GPS for finding and looking at far away things are many. For example , how did we ever drive anywhere before Google maps?! And what fun is running if you can’t afterwards look at your Stats and map that was created by your GPS watch ? How would we make sure our friends or family members are safe when they’re out hiking the Appalachian Trail without a Spot device? How would we know what the top of our house looks like without Google Earth ? And then of course we have the comfort of knowing if we lose our phone , the Find My Phone feature will save us. And if you are willing, you can Share your location with others from your phone as well. You can also buy tracking tags for a child, pet , or your elderly parent to make sure they don’t get lost . Lastly, businesses can look at your property through satellite images for reasons such as bidding on a roof installation. GPS Technology is a great thing in the right situations and with honest people.


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