The (old) New Age: Sharing a sermon by my favorite radio preacher

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Pastor Adrian Rogers of Love Worth Finding Ministries went home to Jesus in 2005, but his sermons still teach and inspire people every week on Christian radio stations around the world and on the internet. Today, in 2019, we hear him preach on a topic that has only become even stronger and more dangerous since he died, the new age movement. The things he mentioned, like pantheism, karma, meditation, and the elimination of the idea of good and evil are now a part of everyday life and people don’t even bat an eye. They think they can be Christian and participate in and believe and participate in  these false teachings.

Have a listen by clicking the link below. If you can’t see the link, copy and paste this address into your browser.

The New Age 

These ideas are being spread in various ways and philosophies, from Kindergarten to  college philosophy classes to social media memes, but the most popular one I’m hearing lately is existentialism. This ‘be happy because nothing is real and nothing matters’ idea is popular with Millennials , former hippies, and even weak Christians. Wikipedia defines it this way.

Existential nihilism is the philosophical theory that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, existential nihilism suggests that a single human or even the entire human species is insignificant, without purpose and unlikely to change in the totality of existence.

Why not live a selfish, sensual life? Why not pursue your own version of a spiritual experience ? Why should we worry about confessing sin if there is no such thing, or being prepared for an afterlife or judgment if nothing really matters or exists? Satan is at his age old tricks of leading people away from God by promising them god-status or nirvana or simply peace. But there is no peace without Jesus! Jesus warned us that false prophets would come and that they would seem like angels. Beware and know the truth by studying the Bible! God is holy, just, and real. Listening to radio sermons is a great resource.



      • More or less the sense of importance. Upon my return from Iraq in 2008, I found myself finding perspective in the battles of the past.

        I lost friends and 2006-2008 was especially bloody for me. I would say to myself that the ground is full of past fighters and soldiers, that many go unnoticed as the years go by. So, I would console myself with the idea that it doesn’t truly matter in the long run.

        I am selfish to the extent that if it does not effect my family, I could care less. I try to let go of the world and focus on what truly matters. My wife and my children are all I am really concerned with. Everything else seems like an exercise in futility, since I can only control my own home.

        I don’t mean to come off brash PK, but I really could care less, as long as it remains outside of my home.

      • One person can make a difference in the long or short run, but for a Christian , our goal should be to bring glory to God even if our lives seem mundane. And as far as the lack of control over others, you’re right, you can’t control them, but you do have a forum to influence people for better or for worse with your words. Use it for good. As for selfish, I wish every father and mother would be concerned with taking care of their children and their own lives as things would greatly improve! However, I do believe God teaches us that we are to love others, well it’s in the Bible, so it’s not debatable. So it might be worth asking yourself if you are fulfilling that commandment by not really caring about anyone outside your home. God can change your heart to give you compassion for others. I’m sure after your military experiences your heart has been hardened. All any of us can do is ask God for help in living the way He asks. I work at that daily.

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