Fall Vacation in Park City, Utah

Along with my hike up Bald Mountain, I had a blast doing many things on my vacation in Park City, Utah. My sister always makes sure of that. I’ll post some scenic photos of the various hikes and drives we went on, but she also had me doing all kinds of things that I don’t do in my daily life! For example, she had me eating cream of cauliflower soup! Haha! It was so delicious that I am going to make some today. And she had us both signed up to volunteer at the local library at a movie showing of The Farewell. This was my second time volunteering with her there. The first time was a few years ago and I helped with the concessions. This time I was the ticket taker! I enjoyed getting to see and speak with all the people. After we finished our jobs we watched the movie, which we was very good.

Another fun thing we did was go hang out and spend the night with her friend at her recently purchased million $ condo in the mountains that she will rent out to Park City visitors. The views from her balcony were amazing and her lovely condo is going to be a great vacation home away from home for her guests. We had fun helping her evaluate her decor, eating dinner, and discussing life.

Other fun stuff we did included doing yoga, watching the movie, The Biggest, Little Farm ( really good), going to visit the Whole Foods store where she works part-time, taking the long scenic route to hike Antelope Island on the great Salt Lake, and an 11 mile, no cushion-seat,  fat-tire bike ride on the path in Park City. My poor sit-bones! The weather got pretty cold, yay!, the first night I was there, in the teens,  but gradually warmed up over the week to “still awesome compared to Texas” temps in the low 60s. For comparison, it was in the 90s at home while I was gone.

As for food, we only ate at a restaurant once the whole week I was there. The rest of the time we cooked our own yummy meals. My sister eats a low carb, high fat diet, so I lost three pounds while I was there! I’m trying hard to keep eating that way and not go back to my sugar and chips. So far, so good!

I had such a good time that it’s taken me a little while to accept being back here in flat, hot Texas in my routine life. I had to jump back into homeschooling and everything else, so I almost forgot to write a blog! I really miss my sister and her zeal for life and thankful, positive attitude. Being with her always makes me want to do more and be more.  I’m thankful for the time God lets me go spend with her and enjoy the mountains and cool, dry air of Utah. Hope you enjoy the photos!



    • You will LOVE it! It’s amazing how different northern and southern Utah are. All the National parks with the red dirt, arches, and hoodoos are in the south. The ski resorts are in the north. Let me know when you go if you need any information.

    • The one thing Texas doesn’t have is BIG mountains. But yes, there are some scenic places. A big problem is that 97% of Texas land is privately owned, the opposite of Utah. As a fan of low taxes, I understand the reasoning, but it means that there are not that many parks and most of them are pretty small. Big Bend is a well-know National Park in Texas, but it’s very far from where I live.

  1. Awesome that you could hang out with your sister again. Sounds like it was a great time for you both… And a gentle reminder that I need to visit Utah sometime. Thanks for sharing and wish you all the best,

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