A Friend

Everyone needs a friend.

One friend who really gets you.

Iphone 195.jpg

A friend who thinks you’re kinda cool,

And you think they’re cool, too.

Who messages you in the morning,

And you share your plans for the day.

Who encourages you to “Go for it!”

and also to  “Take a day off!”

Iphone 382.jpg

Who can tell when you’re happy

and is happy for you.

Who can tell when you’re sad

and is sad for you.

A friend who keeps your secrets,

And you keep theirs.

iphone 754

Someone to plan adventures with

to keep you from going nuts.

That loves you on your bad days

and celebrates your good days.

Someone who prays for you

and asks for your prayers.


If everyone had at least one friend,

the world would be a better place.

Find a friend, 

Be a friend. 

One friend can make all the difference.



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