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I wish more people knew about the goldmine of well-written blogs that exist on WordPress, as in much more creative, funny, intelligent, and mo bettah than mine. When I started  my own , I was pretty ignorant about blogs and just thought they were amateur diaries or something people did for fun. I had read a few running blogs from time to time that I discovered in various off-road paths on the internet, such as  Beth Risdon’s Shut Up and Run and Cory Reese’s  Fast Cory. But I never really did much digging for the gold that is abundant and easy to find. So today I want to share a blog that I find very hilarious and fun to read. No, she’s not writing serious Bible commentary, political rants or running reviews, but she is from Texas, and she’s smart and funny. That’s good enough for me. Just be warned, she does use ‘coarse’ language. Please give her a minute of your scrolling time. 

P.S. She has no idea I’m doing this, so let’s make her wonder why she’s getting so much traffic!

Main page and a post that I liked

The Huntress 915 It’s My Blog and I Can Cry if I want to…

My Hometown Was Famous For a while Back in 1984


  1. Omg PK!! I’m touched that you’d feature me and my coarse language on your blog! I’m verclept all mushalid inside, I have no words, just give me a minute it will come back to me, lol. Thanks for the shoutout PK, your a Texas Peach! 😎😉

  2. The Huntress is pretty funny. Love her blog, I am always laughing out loud whenever I read it.

    Very sweet of you to shout her out and feature her, Paula. Lemme find out you’re a sweetheart. 😀

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