Zena and Sweetie : Kitten update

Amidst the chaos of back to school prep and training and races and air conditioners breaking down in 100 degree weather, among other things , I impulsively decided to adopt two kittens. No regrets! Zena and Sweetie have brought us all so much joy  and entertainment and distraction. I can see how a lot of older women might feel about their grandbabies, which I do not have. Adorable, funny, sweet, soft, needing care, napping, crying, eating. Kittens are like furry babies! Even our goofy dogs seem to enjoy watching them.  Chico the Dachshund isn’t much bigger than they are so he surrendered pretty quickly to their taking over his bed and water bowl. Ellie the Shepherd mix is probably jealously plotting their demise. My boys, from oldest to youngest, all take at least a few minutes to pet and play with them during their busy days. Being sisters, the kittens spend a lot of time playing together, but they have very distinct personalities. The quiet Tabby is the strong, independent, little hunter, stalking her prey,  shaking her little booty and then pouncing on the big dog’s tail! The very vocal Calico loves chasing her sister all over the house and wrestling until she slinks off for another nap next to me on top of a pile of my junk. Last night both of them looked impossibly cute snuggled up in that spot. As my Instagram and Facebook followers know, I can’t stop taking pictures of them! ( Sorry they are grainy. I had to lighten them up.)  Enjoy! P.S. All you new empty nesters out there, get yourself a kitten and brighten your day!





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