The Bonk

Are there cement blocks on my feet?

Uh oh, did I forget to eat?

These miles aren’t going as planned!

It feels like I’m running in quicksand.

Maybe a gel will help my gait.

But I fear it will be too late.

To stop the Bonk I need nutrition

Before I get in this sad condition !

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Today , once again , I didn’t take in enough calories during my run and I bonked hard . I just can’t seem to get past the 2:30 hour point without running into the wall . I know I under-fueled today . I only ate a banana before the run and then I had two gels, which is all I brought . I just didn’t plan well. I tried to revive myself with some Gatorade, but it wasn’t enough . My legs felt like they were going in slow motion as I slogged through to the appointed 3 hour mark. You’d think I would have fueling mastered by now! Part of my problem was I was in a hurry to go run because the weather was so nice. I just forgot to eat, I was so excited by the low humidity. Yes, it’s a big deal. Lol! I stopped at a convenience store on the way and bought a banana and some water, which I didn’t even bring enough of that. I also kept going back and forth on what my goal was for the day. Was I going to do 2 hours or 3 or 4? I would have done 4 if I had more gels with me. But that’s okay. I plan to run 2 hours tomorrow and enjoy this weather while it lasts!

Thanks to the unusually nice weather and the beauty of nature, I still enjoyed myself . A lovely breeze blew through the almost empty, very green and lush park.

I listened to a podcast by these guys while I ran.

I saw a wild hog , too! My first time seeing one in all my time on trails. Surprisingly he got scared of ME and ran off.  There were also some shy deer sharing the woods with me. I took a few minutes to go see my old friend the Brazos river. I’ve been running at this park for 7 years and have seen it endure multiple floods thanks to the close proximity to the river . Chunks of the bank are being washed away with each flood and the trails have been flooded over and over . I still enjoy looking at the river after all these years.

Do you have trouble with bonking, or hitting the wall? Have you mastered running nutrition? Share your secrets! What’s your favorite fuel?



  1. I have hit the wall several times during training runs. I have bonked once during a race. My legs would not go anywhere. I learned that day that nutrition is key. SOS nutrition drinks and water are good with me and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches work when I need food.

  2. “Thanks to the unusually nice weather and the beauty of nature, I still enjoyed myself . A lovely breeze blew through the almost empty, very green and lush park…”
    That’s the right perspective. We’ll never be able to do everything, so when we reach the end of ourselves, to be content anyway and to recognize what we do have to enjoy – What a beautiful gift.

  3. I’m not sure anybody has mastered race day nutrition. What works one day will fail miserably the next. I think there are things that work better than other things though. I’ve learned that race day nutrition starts well before the day before the race. 🙂

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