Hot Times in Texas

Busy weekend and another scorcher! I think today’s high was 100 degrees. Words like oven , sauna, hydrate, stay inside , and I need water were heard frequently. I managed to run Friday and Saturday mornings , but took the day off Sunday.

The Saturday run was a very sweaty half marathon on a quarter mile loop of trail ( my backyard ). I think it was around 50 loops because it’s not quite a whole .25 mile. I felt very accomplished since I haven’t run that far since my last race when I almost passed out from dehydration. That story hereThe System is Shutting Down: A Coyote Run Race Report. This time I asked the experts in my Facebook group , women who run in hot, humid climates, for hydration advice . Regular old powdered Gatorade was recommended by an elite runner from steamy Florida, so I bought some. I mixed up about 56 ounces and drank most of it with good results. However I was still pretty wiped out from the hot run and felt like a bottomless pit the rest of the day. I ate so much !

I’m very encouraged by my mileage this week (36 miles) even if my pace is slow . I just have to remember that I am rebuilding my base and it’s H.O.T. At least I’m up off the couch, or chair. The only worrisome thing is my hip has been sore after my runs. Feels similar to sciatica. Doing lots of foam rolling and yoga stretches . My next race is in August, Habanero 50k.

It was a busy weekend and I really didn’t feel much like writing. I watched some hiking videos on YouTube (Darwin on the trail) and the movie The Upside, which I liked . I read the reviews after watching the movie and was a little surprised it wasn’t more popular. But I guess it did have some weak spots and stereotypes . But who doesn’t like Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart?

Friday I spent a few hours hanging out with my mom and sisters and today was a graduation party for my niece. Lots of family time! All my boys, except for my oldest,Β  and my extra kids showed up for the party.

They don’t like to smile for photos.

I’m ready for cooler weather. Hurry up November!


    • It’s cooler in the morning but the humidity is almost 100%. I could literally feel it as the time passed and the humidity lifted during my run Saturday. πŸ™‚ I hope you are feeling better!

  1. hurry up November??? have you lost your mind??? it finally warmed up in these parts. do you know what November is like here??? I’ll die!!!

  2. NNNNOOOOOOO, not November!! πŸ™‚ However, if I lived in Texas like you do I feel pretty sure I would be saying the same thing you are, lol. God Bless and stay cool!

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