Travel Photos: Moab, Utah

Do you have a screensaver that displays the photos on your computer? To me this feature is one of the best reasons to have a laptop or monitor open on your desk all day.

My whole family enjoys reliving the memories of the beautiful and fun places we’ve gone and the scenes from different holidays, weekends, and birthdays as the images scroll through like a visual time machine .

It’s nice to see them on a larger scale than a phone can provide. There are photos of beloved pets and loved ones that are no longer with us that bring back happy memories and also the reminder to enjoy each day with the ones who are still with us.

And there are photos from vacations that create a longing in me to travel again.

Some of my favorite ones are from a trip I took to Utah in the summer of 2016. I wrote about getting lost on the mountain on that trip, The Humbling Power of Mountains: Lost and Afraid in Park City, Utah but I did not include the other amazing places I visited with my sister in Moab.

The first photos were from Arches National Park . The second set is from Negro Bill Canyon trail, one of the coolest hikes I’ve ever done!

Hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I do!



All photos taken by iPhone and are the sole property of myself, PK Adams. Please ask permission for use.


  1. We can never get past Colorado. Seeing these amazing photos and vivid colors we might have to spice it up and travel a bit further west… thanks for sharing

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