Dear California,

It’s not you, it’s me.

You’re friendly, good-looking and tan and have money.
You have good taste in clothes and you’re funny.

You’re healthy and positive and like tacos and hiking.
It’s the inflation and traffic you bring I’m not liking.

Your hybrids and Teslas and soy-lattes are sweet
But here in Texas we drive trucks and eat meat.

We pray to Jesus and Trump is our President
we hate taxes and don’t trust the government.

I’m glad you like Texas, but I’m sorry to tell you
Our cities are full and and our roads are, too!

I understand wanting to leave the West coast
The taxes and prices are nothing to boast.

The mess was made by the rule of a few
and now you think we should turn Texas blue?

And really I don’t think you’d like us that much
we have very few mountains and our beaches suck.

I’ve heard that Detroit and Chicago are nice
and you can buy houses at a very low price!

So sell your big house and send your UHaul
to any state but mine, because this one is FULL!

Sincerely, with no offense intended,

The Great State of Texas

PS, my friend Colorado just called to say,
they’re full there, too, so please stay away.

Colorado vacation 177.JPG


  1. Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚ So true! We are definitely full here in Colorado too! They have just about turned our state totally blue and our taxes keep going up. They keep going after our guns too. I pray the Lord spreads revival and stops the spread of their sick liberal agenda. God bless!

    • It’s unfortunate. I know there are many conservatives, even Christians, in California but they are outnumbered in the voting cities like they are in New York. I cringe every time I read a post on Facebook from someone moving to Texas.

  2. …and Utah! Our house prices have gone through the roof and they don’t like our laws.

    I say, “Go back and live with your voting consequences!”

    • I just wonder if they know how we all feel? Someone should tell them. How can we get this post to go viral ? I do want to say that I do not mean anything personal and they can vote anyway they want, IN THEIR STATE. These are real $$$ issues affecting people’s lives!

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