Blue Skies and Green Pastures

Concrete and metal and skyscrapers tall

When I was young, I loved it all.

The city was pretty and full of surprises

Museums and malls and all it comprises.

Not far away was the hot, sandy shore

Load up a cooler with ice and we’d roar

Down old highways cut through farm land

Rushing to spend a whole day on the sand.

Marriage and children meant traveling less,

packing the car only caused stress.

Now driving in traffic and shopping all day

became but a chore and no longer play.

Then in the darkness the smoke alarm sounded

and out of our dreams and our bed we bounded.

Safe, but now homeless we had to make plans

Our present and future we put in God’s hands.

Let’s move to the country we said to each other

and things fell into place one after another.

Our house burning down had been a disaster

but ashes turned into blue skies and green pastures.

Now when my plans take me out for a drive

on  rolling green hills I feel my soul thrive.

The skies fill with stars each quiet dark night

then pink, orange, and blue with morning light.

Life’s path can seem that it turns on a whim

But each faithful step leads us closer to Him.

In city or country God’s love remains true,

good times and bad, gray skies and blue.









  1. Very good. It does look like you have a beautiful view at your new home. How long have you been there? I can’t imagine the experience of having a home burn down. Friends in our town lost theirs two weeks ago to fire, and another man we know lost his last weekend in a tornado. I hope their disasters turn to good like yours did.

    • Thanks . The time right after the fire was very difficult. I hope your friends have good insurance like we did. We moved here in 2003. The views on the roads leading out here sold me on the area. I didn’t even know there were hills so close to Houston!

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